You are your ancestors.

Their wounds, stories, pains, gains, wealth, health... it all gets handed down through the bloodline.  Generation after generation.  

It's lovely when the patterns of abidance, wealth, and what we may consider to be "positive" attributes gets passed on; but what about the other stuff?

You know, the wounds.  The things perhaps no one in the family wants to talk about.  

The history of poverty.  The experiences of enslavement. The rape. The incest. The shame. The miscarriages. The pain.

What about that?

These patterns and pains get passed down too.   And when that happens we can sometimes find ourselves living out the wounds of our ancestors.

It's the reason why you take healing courses, get readings, "do the work" and seemingly still feel blocked.  

You see, the 'block' goes deeper than just simple mindset work.  It goes deep into the soul.  Into the womb.  And we, as priestesses in a modern world, have the ability to transform, heal, and alchemize these wounds forever.

Heal these pattern--the Priestess way.  

Because as you heal your ancestors, you heal yourself.  And as you heal yourself, you heal them too.

?If you've relentlessly worked on 'clearing your blocks' but even after thousands of dollars you still feel lost and confused...

?If you've recognized themes of addiction, abuse, alcoholism, shame, guilt and more running rampant in your family history (and you feel deeply moved to both heal and break this pattern)...

?If you'd love to activate the witchy, sacred feminine,  psychic ability, mystical magic from your ancestry...

? If you want to learn who you are, where you come from, and forge deep connection to the women who came before you...

Beloved One, this Self-Paced Course is JUST for you!

How It Works:

☾ Weekly 45-minute Ceremonies (with meditation, education, and lots of content) which have been pre-recorded for you to watch again & again 

☾ Weekly guided meditation activations, steeped with light codes and energy transmission to help you with your healing

☾ Access to a Private Platform where all course content will be housed (complete with space for sisterhood + discussion)

 Access to me e-mail and FB messenger Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm CST should you have questions or need additional support 


Just like our genetics, the wounds from our ancestors gets passed down--generation after generation.  Science has proven this. In this week's circle we'll learn how to spot the places where ancestral wound trauma are interfering with our ability to receive with great abundance.  Learn how to clear these wounds with intention, liberating yourself and granting healing to generations. Learn how and why you need to set up an ancestor altar or practice of remembrance to your ancestors, and activate newfound ability to be the healer, spiritual mentor, and guide you've been waiting for.

Includes:  45-minutes of ceremony, 1 guided meditation, discussion and practical work


Are you ready to unleash greater abundance than you've ever known? You've probably noticed that despite the insane amount of work you've done to 'clear your money blocks,' you still seem to find yourself circling the same patterns, again, and again.  This is because often, we have roots that go much deeper than our subconscious money stories.  These roots go far into our past lineage, generations long forgotten when during times of famine, depression, or tragedy your ancestors made decisions based on fear versus love; self versus community.  These patternings become passed down, generation to generation.  Will you be the one to finally free yourself (and you ancestors, past and future) from this wound?  

Includes: 45-minutes of ceremony via ; 1 channeled guided meditation 


It's no secret that our foremothers were sexually repressed, frustrated, and often even abused. You may even have personal stories sexual trauma in your current lifetime.  The problem with this is that it leads to future generations (i.e.- YOU) sometimes having trouble with fertility, feeling awkward and uncomfortable with sex, and completely cut off from the true Sacred Masculine.  In short, it creates a history of imbalance in body, mind, and spirit. Let's heal you and them, by giving honor to the pain that came before you, and clearing this patterning away with love so that you... and your ancestors yet to come... never have to know themselves as sexually wounded people.  

Includes:  45-minutes of ceremony; 1 guided meditation activation 


Step forward as the ancestral ambassador for your bloodline and awaken the truth within you which says, "I am here as an embodiment of love."  Learn the importance of diving into ancestral healing as a lifetime practice, and how you may continue to reach deep into your history for healing, anchoring, and support.  

Includes: 45-minutes of ceremony; 1 guided meditation activation

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer refunds?

The short answer is no.  I put in a lot of time, love, energy, and work into these offerings and as such do not offer refunds. I encourage you to use your money mindfully in accordance to what feels resonant.

Who is this program for?

This is for any woman who is interested in deepening her spiritual path. It's for the woman who is ready to know herself fully.  The woman who has seen her 'limiting beliefs' or 'blocks' and is ready to move in to heal them on a more real, tangible, level so she can get some real results.  It's the the woman who wants to pay honor to her ancestors.

How long does this program run?

This Ancestral Healing group program will run for 4 consecutive weeks.  You'll also get each of our weekly sessions sent to you via recording so that you have access to the material forever!

Will this work for me if I don't exactly know who my ancestors were?

Yes.  Many of us do not know our ancestors, due to the tragedy's occurring from the middle passage and also due to stories that just never got passed down.  What you'll find is that your ancestors will move towards you, the more you move towards them.  You'll find deeper resonance, connection, and support than you've ever known.

This pre-recorded content is now available exclusively through the teachable academy.  Click here to make your investment and start this incredible program today!