The Intimacy of Death + Dying (finding connection through grief + loss)

I feel privileged to meet people in their most intimate life moments.

You probably don’t know since I don’t often broadcast it, but in addition to the trauma and healing work I do with women, I also work a couple days outside the home as a grief counselor for a local hospice.

It’s interesting, because it seems like majority of people I connect with have a lot of hangups around death. And when I dig deeper, I see that happening on a collective level, societally among most Americans.

We don’t talk about it. We don’t plan for it. Act like it’s not happening. We run from it. We don’t call it what it is. We tell kids things like “grandpa just went to sleep” and then the kids are scared of sleep now.

The inability to get intimate with this cycle of life is pervasive.

It is not a statement of judgment–I mean, I get it. It sucks, especially when the loss feels premature, unjust, unfair.

And I get why we avoid the topic. Grief can feel like it’s going to kill you inside. It’s hard. Plus people say well-meaning, but hurtful things to us like, “Well… they’re in a better place now” or “It happened for a reason”.. Most people just don’t know *what* to say.

In my grief work, I’ve found that as hard as we find it to talk about our grief… there is something incredible that happens when we do!

We find “our people” and stop feeling like we’re doing this alone.

For me personally, that meant finding people who understood what it’s like to experience miscarriage & pregnancy loss.

This month being the anniversary of the loss of my May Baby, who was here for a little while & then just gone 👼🏾

I talk about it and remember because nobody else does. And it’s not their job to remember, right? But that feeling of being able to talk about the death, and to talk about what happened is so liberating.

For you it might be talking about the death of a parent, or a spouse, or a pet. No death is “worse” than the other, except for the one that’s happening to you. It’s all hard. And all worth talking about.

My clients & families I work with in their grief would agree.

I urge you if you’re suffering, to give yourself permission to stop keeping your grief to yourself… and when you’re ready, and if it feels right, to try talking to someone about it.

These conversations are important. Find your people. Andif you can’t find someone in your circle, then make a bigger circle.

Give yourself permission.

Anyways…. my love to you all.

If you or someone you know needs help with this, please reach out. I may not be your “person” but I am happy to point you in a direction.


Follow your own heart

Why the last thing you need is another leader

Someone referred to me as a spiritual leader recently.

My ego ate that up, but my truth was so much louder.

In fact, I felt quite uncomfortable with it & it took me a little while to comprehend why…

You see, I feel that’s where people go wrong–placing others above as their leader. Especially we Priestesses. And maybe this is rememberance from lifetimes ago when we sat in Priestess circles, in temples together as equals.

Yes, we had High Priestesses..many of us *were* High Priestesses…but did we embody these roles because we were leaders or somebody’s guru? OR were our sisters our equals?

My heart & womb say it’s the latter.

We, beloved ones, do not need a leader to find our way.

That may be the most profound thing about the Priestess pathway.

We may join in ceremony, we may sign up for courses, we may deeply honor & hold reverence for the space holder who called us together… but in truth we are not doing so to seek another guru. A leader.

The idea of following a leader is what got me off track when I first started my journey as a Divine Feminine woman in business…believing someone else (like a business coach, or marketing strategist) had the answers. That if I just followed them–delegated them as my leader–that they’d lead me to some blissful horizon if I just followed their ways.

But that didn’t work.

Like…at all ? Undoubtedly, I’d crash and burn, later to be bitch-slapped by Kali Ma for forgetting the truth:

  • No one outside self has the answers we seek—it’s all within. All of it.
  • Only answer I need is rooted in love and we don’t need a leader to know that.

Only I can access the love inside me.

Only you can access the love (aka truth) within you.

As Priestess we are all equal.

Please don’t follow me.

Instead, if it’s resonant let’s keep company and walk alongside one another for a while..navigating the journey of life until it’s time to part ways.

You do not need a leader.

You have your heart and far as I’m concerned…that’s the best ‘leader’ there is.


Womb Activation for your Abundant Life & Biz

When we think about healing or abundance, we tend to think of it in terms of finding what needs ‘fixed.’

We tend to get really logically based and action oriented, focused on the task of repairing some great problem; however, in our hurry to ‘fix it’ we often get lost along the way.

But what if there was another way?  Perhaps a better way that felt much more supportive? What if you could achieve your version of utopia–your success, wealth, and happiness–from a much more aligned place?

What if you could actually make your manifestations come EASY?

What if you didn’t ever have to push hard or hustle to build and grow your business, EVER again?

I can show you how, and no, not through another round of mindset courses or another freebie opt-in on 5 fast ways to your first $5K.  Nope… that’s not the type of coach and healer I am…

Instead I’m going to be your tour guide on this amazing journey inward.

Deep down into the womb.

I’ve created a 3 day training to assist you, sister.  To give you the reason why that old way wasn’t working for you along with a blueprint for what will.

Dive in with me, beloved, and gain the keys to your Queendom.

What’s Inside

Day One Womb Activation WorkshopDay 1:  Womb Awakening for Anchoring and Healing

What if your mother had taught you that your womb is a portal of healing and support? How would your relationship to your body and the rest of the world be different? Most women have fallen into the pattern of not giving this area much concern; but when you do you gain access to the Queendom of your Inner Transformation.  In today’s training I’m going to help you awaken your womb chakra, talk briefly on how yoni eggs can help, and guide you deeper into your divine feminine nature.

Includes: A 13 minute video & 12 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Day Two Womb Activation WorkshopDay 2:  Womb Wisdom for Insight and Guidance

Your womb has sacred medicine for you, as well as a plethora of messages to bring you on the specific steps you need to take for the highest evolution of your business and your life. Today we’ll cultivate a new relationship with your womb to retrieve the ability to be your own healer, psychic, intuitive, business coach and friend.

Includes: A 12 minute video & 11 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Day Three Womb Activation WorkshopDay 3:  Womb Clearing for Manifestation

Lean back into the love of the Cosmic Mother and release everything heavy you’ve been carrying around within you. Your womb is an energy portal which stores every trauma, wound, or heavy energy you’ve ever experienced. Let’s clear that out so that you can more forward and manifest with greater ease.  It’s time for you to feel supported, be supported, and activate your Power!

Includes: A 15 minute video & 16 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Grab your seat to this Free Womb Activation Workshop

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How to heal your mother wound

How to heal the Mother Wound + activate your breakthrough

This is for you, girlfriend, if you’ve got “mom” issues. Specifically…. mother wound issues.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s still relevant because as we move deeper into the Inner Alchemy that occurs when we start getting into the true divine feminine & womb healing…

Well, these mother woundings are just bound to be revealed–whether you had the best mom, the worst mom, or an absentee mom.

There’s stuff going on and until you clear it on the energetic level, it WILL keep circling around in your field making everything so. much. harder. than it has to be.

But for those short on time… simply read on for the rundown on a strategy to help you transmute these lingering energies

Your 5-minute Mother Wound Healing Exercise

1. Submerge yourself in a body of water. (Ocean is best; bathtub is second; or standing in the shower if you have no other option.) While submerged imagine that you are in the Cosmic Womb.

2. Set intention to bring forward all the conscious and unconscious memories, attachments, stories, or wounds surrounding your mother which most need to be healed away (tip: try placing one hand on your heart, one hand on your womb).

3. While submerged, allowing the muffled sound of water in your ears to flow, simply imagine that every attachment and wound that stands in the way of you being your most empowered self releases completely… washed away into the water.

4. When you feel all is healed, simple rise up and carry on about your day.
Simple, but effective. And here’s why:

It forces us to surrender (a skill that is necessary for deep healing to take place… and also a skill that’s a challenge for so many women)

It also allows us to reparent ourselves.. to take the bold action of doing for ourselves what our mother, or female ancestral line didn’t or couldn’t do for us.

It’s just a matter of your willingness to dive in and do the work.

Do tell me now this exercise goes for you!

And If you know you need additional support, then click here to  book a no-cost call with me and we’ll discuss how to deepen your process for greater results.


Yoni Egg Care: the basics of cleansing & care

Yoni Eggs are quality tools that if cared for properly, will last you a lifetime.  Yet, a lot of women are wondering…how? This blog will answer the majority of questions you may have about yoni egg care.

The very first thing you’ll want to do whenever you receive a new yoni egg is cleanse it, both spiritually and physically.

Depending on the source of your yoni egg, you’ll want to make certain that follow these steps with care.  Remember, these stones, like all crystals, can pick up energies from the manufacturing and delivery transit process, before they finally reach your doorstep.  You don’t necessarily want your mailman’s energy going into your womb, I’m guessing? Didn’t think so.

Do yourself the favor of starting this journey with a clean slate.  Below is my reccomendation for beginners, with basics of how to start caring for your yoni eggs.

Physical Cleansing

After receiving your stone you’ll want to physically cleanse it–especially if you intend to use it internally. Here’s how:

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil
  • Once boiling, remove the pot from the burner and pour water into a glass or ceramic bowl
  • Allow the water to cool (I wait until the water is cool enough that I can stick a finger inside without burning me)
  • When the water’s cooled enough, place your stone in the water and leave it there for 10-15minutes

Note: Do not–I repeat–DO NOT put your stone in boiling water. You WILL crack your stone under the heat. It will NOT be a good time. Trust me. 

Spiritual Cleansing

Smudge it:  Smudging has been used for entries as a technique for energetic cleansing. Find yourself some California white sage, palo santo, or incense to smudge your yoni egg before each use.

Use white light visualization: This simple visualization is powerful so don’t sleep on the magic of the white light. Hold your yoni egg in your hand and visualize that your stone is submerged in white cleansing light. Maintain the visualization until you get a good sense that your stone has been energetically cleansed.

Bathe it in salt water:  Get yourself some clean water and pink himalayan salt or pure sea alt and leave your stone in the water overnight.

Note: Not all stones can tolerate salt baths, so make sure you do your research before you try this one. 

Bury it in the earth:  Simply find yourself a flower pot and bury your egg in the dirt for a period of time. Use your intuition to determine how long. You can also bury it at the base of a tree for an extra boost of healing and cleansing renewal.

Note: Same as above–not all stones are going to be able to tolerate the moisture of the earth, so make sure you research before trying this.

Want access to a membership site where sisters are working with their stones daily? Join me in The Magical Womb!

Why Every Female Entrepreneur NEEDS a Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs have been on the scene for literal decades.  I mean, actual centuries.

But to so many women of the west, the idea os foreign.

Why is that?

Another question for another day, perhaps.

I’m here to share my secrets to why it is every female entrepreneur needs to be packing a yoni egg in her vagina. Or, at the very least in her bra or purse.

Here’s why:

  1. They invite a layer of supportLet’s face it.  Sometimes it’s not easy being an entrepreneur in a world that wasn’t designed for us. People will look at you funny for venturing outside of the matrix to go and get your dreams. As you cultivate your experience, you’ll be bothered less and less with those folks. But in the meantime, it’s a good idea to call in support from energies and person who are on your team.

    Yoni egg recommendation: carnelian

  2. They help you remember what you came here forPeople talk about they “why” often, and for good reason.  It helps you remember what you came here for and why you got into business.  Because some days are going to be more challenging than others. Working with yoni eggs can help you to stabilize your energy and focus, so that when the clouds roll by, or you have those moments of insecurity and doubt within your business, you’ll emerge strong and stand firm.

    Yoni egg recommendation: rose quartz

  3. You’re in the business of making moneyA business that’s not making money is a hobby.  Simple as that. And as much as you love to serve from the place of love and light… well, love and light don’t pay your mortgage, right? So get real. Any business woman knows that her business is healthiest when it’s earning consistent cash on  regular basis. And you, as an entrepreneur, are an extension of your business.  Therefore the energy you show up with impacts the energy your business puts out. Thankfully, there’s tools for that. I recommend working with money stones to help put you in alignment with prosperity consciousness.  Imagine walking tinto the boardroom or bank with your yoni on fleek. $10,000 week? Yes please!

    Yoni Egg recommendation: Green aventurine

  4. You need to be discerningIt takes the ability to make solid decisions to run any successful business. Whether it’s “do I make  a website?” or “do I diversify my investments”–you must have confidence and ability to discern what moves are right for you and your business. For many spiritual entrepreneurs, the dreaming of the service is more fun than the actual grounded foundation upon which the business is built.  Not only that, but soon as you become a businessperson, folks tend to come out the woodworks with opinions on what you should do and how you should do it (or not do it).  It’s the nature of the game when we step forward to create our dream realities. You must stay vigilant and embrace the right to due diligence.  That means becoming confident in your ability to discern right from wrong, truth from falsity as it pertains to your business. You’ll want to be packing some stones in your yoni to help you out with this as the days (and the decisions) go by.

    Yoni egg recommendation: smokey quartz

As always, if you need more support you can reach me at  And if you’re looking to buy your own yoni egg based on my recommendations, you can use coupon code “jemeselachel” to save 20% at  If you want additional resources, check my library at for more info.

Yoni Eggs 101 – a brief history and FAQ for the beginner

When I started my healing journey years ago, I never thought  someday have 100s of women’s e

yes on me, asking me for information on yoni eggs–a sacred tool of womb wellness & transformation.

I’ve been blissed…

To think, at one point I used these tools in secret–to afraid of people judging me as “weird” for put them..there.  And now here I am, broadcasting to anyone who’ll listen about the transformational power of these sacred beings.

I say beings because I consider each crystal to have its own consciousness.  Each yoni egg, being of a crystal formation whether it be jade or obsidian or jasper… carries its own unique vibration and therefore its own unique blueprint.  And as you work with them you’ll find they seem to have their own “persnoalyt” as well.

The more you work with them, the more you come to know them.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what they are, how to use them, and as I do consider myself a bit of a yoni egg afficioando, it is my pleasure and my honor to be the gateway to the woman who needs knowledge on these precious jewels.

The following page has information on various topics including benefits, how to, and more.

This is not an all-compressive source of information but is a good start for the woman who wants knowledge.

What is a yoni egg?

The yoni egg, also known as a “jade egg” is a semiprecious gemstone or crystal carved into the shape of an egg.  They’ve been used since ancient times, going as far back historically to ancient China when only the elite were able to access this special tool.   Now, they’re accessible worldwide for women everywhere to unlock ancient codes and sacred healing of the feminine and even masculine within.

What are they used for?

Typically they’re used for either a metaphysical or a physical purpose.

Metaphysical uses may look like spiritual healing.  Perhaps to align the chakras, or set an intention.  I personally have used them for emotional healing of my sexual trauma.  Pretty much any way you might be using your other tumbled or raw stones, you can also use your yoni eggs in the same way (i.e. to create crystal grids, to program gemstone elixirs, etc.)

Physical uses may look like: strengthening of the pelvic floor to prevent bladder incontinence or uterine prolapse. You think kegals work?  Try using a yoni egg while practicing kegals and come back and talk to me ? Yoni eggs will not only help you strengthen your vaginal muscles (leading to better sex).. but they help with SO much more.

Personally, these stones helped me with re-awakening my vagina which had literally gone numb after years of womb trauma.  I just thought I was one of those women who couldn’t have a vaginal orgasm. Using these tools unlocked this for me..along with the ability to have the most rolling, multiple orgasms.

How do I use it?

You may have guessed it by now, but yoni eggs can actually be used by inserting them into the vagina. This was common knowledge and practice at one point in history, but with society having become so sexually repressed it’s no wonder the average person hears this and finds that information a little shocking!  Don’t feel strange if your’e a little scared or resistant to this idea.

Your yoni egg can be used to draw entry out, or to introduce new entries in.  For example, you might chose a black obsidian to draw energy out of the womb; or conversely, a  rose quartz to invite loving energies within.

Do I have to put it…there?

For women not ready (or simply not preferring) to use their stones internally, the good news is you may still forge a strong bond and sacred connection to the stones through external use.  You most certainly do not have to use them internally to reap the benefits. Personally speaking, I’ll often use mine externally by carrying them in my purse, bra, or even sleeping with them under my pillow to forge a connection and gain access to their metaphysical qualities.

Ok, but can it get lost?

This is a great question I get asked frequently, with good reason.  Nobody wants to be the lady who shows up at the Emergency Room with the awkward conversation of…”Um, yeah, I put a rock inside my vagina and… uh… yeah it’s stuck.”  So let me squash those fears–NO YOUR YONI EGG CANNOT GET LOST UP THERE.

Let me go grab my virtual megaphone and reapeat: your yoni egg cannot get lost inside you!

It’s physically impossible.  The cervix is much too small to allow a stone up inside you.

Can it get stuck?

Each stone has it’s own consciousness, vibration, and purpose for working with you.  That said, what you may perceive as a stone being ‘stuck’ is likely the stone just completing it’s work.  Because the one I personally endorse come undrillled, it teaches you the art of surrender and flow.  I know, not always easy lessons to learn especially as a woman (most of us are NOT into the idea of losing control).

Rather than panic, I invite you to use this opportunity to dive inwards and simply ask yourself,  “What am I resisting right now?”

You must sought out the yoni eggs in the first place because you were looking for something (support, guidance, etc).  It’s important to remember that each yoni egg has it’s own vibration & concionesses and as such has agreed to partner with you.  You must learn to trust that it’s doing t’s work.

When you perceive it as being “stuck” really there’s beautiful medicine here as your stone KNOWS wtf it is doing and is essentially telling you,  “Babe, we’re in this together. You asked me to do my work and this requires me to take as long as it’s going to take. No, you don’t get to know when I’m going out, because I need you to trust me. And as you learn to trust me, you learn to trust yourself.”  It’s a beautiful tool of radical self-trust, you see?

For women who after all of this explanation are sill like, #NOPE,  you may find solace in knowing some do come pre-drilled with a hole so you can insert a string and actually control the removal of your eggs.

How long should I wear it?

Each woman is unique, and honestly, your stone will have more control regarding how long it wants to stay inside you than you may expect.  For example, the first time I wore my obsidian egg, it only stayed in overnight while I was sleeping. Today, I can rock it for days upon days.

If it’s your first time, perhaps wear it over a weekend when you can rest comfortably at home.

The stones can be worn while you’re doing your day-to-day activities; you won’t feel the stone inside you as your pelvic floor strengthens.  So you can wear it as long as feels comfortable for you.

Should I get an undrilled?  Or a drilled Yoni Egg?

This question was answered above.  I personally choose undrilled stones because I find the journey to be more authentic for me.  When I began this journey, I was ready to surrender all of me and as such, had no qualms about inserting undrilled eggs.

That’s not everybody though so you gotta do what feels right for you, ya know?

What if I’m not into the “woo” metaphysical stuff?

The physical benefits of the stones are still powerful regardless if you’re into the metaphysical aspects.  Physically, wearing this stone is said to strengthen the pelvic floor, assist women with uterine fibroids, bladder problems, uterine prolapse, etc.  And doing kegals while wearing your stone will allow you to not only strengthen your muscular tone, but re-sensitize you

Can I wear it during sex?

Yes!  You can and matter of fact, it’s actually been said to make intercourse more pleasurable for both you and your partner. The vagina canal is very flexible. What will happen is the egg will simply move to the side of the penis shaft, providing you both with more pleasure.

Where can I get one?

I’ve been in the yoni egg game for a many years, and personally, I’ve found Organic Bloodline Yoni Eggs to be the best in the industry. This is the *only* company that I personally endorse due to my belief in their product, as well as the messaging and energy behind the product.  Grab your own at and use coupon code ‘jemeselachel’ to save yourself 20%.



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Mother Wound Healing

Sacred Healing of the Mother Wound (and the reason you have one even if you don’t think so)

Sometimes in order to heal, you have to dig the wound up from the root

I’ve been sharing in my Facebook® Group, Resilient Spirits Sisterhood, a lot here lately about the divine feminine.

I shared about how our womb-center carries memories of every trauma. Today I’m going deeper into why that is.

You may have heard the term “mother wound.” Dr. Oscar Serrallach describes it best as, “a burden that manifests in mothers, and is passed on from generation to generation. It’s the pain and grief that grows in a woman as she tries to explore and understand her power and potential in a society that doesn’t make room for it, forcing her to internalize the dysfunctional coping mechanisms learned by previous generations of women.”

Or in other words, it’s the internal, subconscious programming we’re born into and receive in our interactions (or lack thereof) with our mothers.

For a long time I did not think this affected me. I love my mom to death & we speak multiple times a day. Then I reflect back on how:

 When I called home to get nurturing support about my rape, she couldn’t receive me
 Feeling dirty and confused surrounding sexuality
 Watching her obsess about her appearance & her weight then growing up to do the same

You’ve got one too. A mother wound. Maybe not as severe as others, but it’s there. And when a woman doesn’t address it, the same patterns play out in the way she parents her kids (even if she does all the can to be nothing like her mom); the way she shows up in her relationships; the way she think about her femininity.

If you know me, you know I’m not one for victimhood; empowerment is more my jam so it may seem off that I’m suggesting who you are is a result of subconscious programming and patterns of your mother.

But it’s so much deeper than that.

It’s about energy. Which science has proven never disappears, but merely transmutes form. And it gets handed down for generations until it lands in your sweet heart…stored in the mind of your womb until you learn how to clear it.

So it’s your job, beloved, to look closely and see what energy patterns you’re perpetuating.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself so you can begin to heal your own mother wound:

▴ Where am I shutting down my feminine essences?
▴ How do I feel about my relationship to my mother?
▴ How do I feel about being a woman?
▴ Where am I shutting down my femininity, or not fully expressing myself?
▴ How am I playing out old patterns & resentments about the women I’ve had in my world?
▴ Where in my body, mind, or spirit do I still have hate or fear?
▴ What do I really feel about my body? How do I feel about my breasts? Having a menstrual cycle?
▴ What do I feel about receiving pleasure, sexualy?
▴ How do I feel about sisterhood? Do I trust women? Do I trust myself as a woman?

These are just some places to start so you may begin to work through this on your own. But if you know you need a helper & healer, I’m your girl. I’d love to receive you for more individualized support, so set up a free call with me to discuss details on how you can heal those soul wounds once & for all.

You deserve it and every woman in your family line thereafter will both thank you and bless you for it.

Divine Masculine

Fearing Masculine Energy | How to Break a Little Girl

I was five the first time I heard the “N” word.

It was 1990 and I was playing house with some kindergarten classmates. A friend asked this little boy named Jason to be the ‘husband’, but as he approached and saw I was playing too he threw a fit.

He said he wouldn’t play with us because I didn’t look like him. He was clearly referring to my chocolate brown skin (back then, I was pretty much the only diversity in my classroom ??)

My 5-year-old brain had no concept for the racial implications he was alluding to. It didn’t hurt me emotionally, but it did introduce for the first time in my life the belief that somehow I was different, and that boys were brash and unwelcoming.

That’s not when I heard it though.

It was later that summer when Dad, the then man of my dreams, let me cruise along to pick Mome up from her workplace ☀️??

I was in the passenger seat (hey, it was the 90s) ? The radio was blaring, me and Dad were singing along to Rod Stewart? as the heat blazed overhead.

The sky was a brilliant sparkling blue with gorgeous white, fluffy clouds passing by ☁️ Dad was smiling; I was laughing–it was such a tender father/daughter moment ❤️

The car slowed to a gentle stop as we approached a red light ? A rusty, old,  gray pickup truck pulled alongside us at the light.  Two rough looking men with scraggly beards and dirt on their faces peered down into our car ? They looked like hard working men who were leaving from a mechanics shop ??

That’s when it happened.

The passenger rolled his window down and without any provocation at all angrily shouted over to my Dad, “N*GGER!”  The word sounded like venom as it pierced the air.

And just like that…the atmosphere in Dad’s old Buick changed.

The warm smile he’d just had from laughing with his baby girl instantly vanished. He lowered the volume on the radio, turned his head forward, eyes set ahead with a far-off gaze.

The traffic light turned green ?and that old, beat-up truck drove off.

I didn’t understand what happened. What was that word? And what did it mean?

I was 5 years old.

Today I’m 32 and can only imagine how my father must have felt to be sitting beside his baby girl and bear witness to the ignorance of some random passersby in a Ford pickup.

We never spoke about that day ever again. Never.

This is a story of how easily the world around us can to steal away our light. When you don’t know your true power, you stand to let it happen.

And how without even realizing it, masculine energy can damage the innocence of the little girl inside.

We all have stories like this within us. And these stories, until we clear them, can block us from receiving even the simplest desires.

Here’s the thing, though: Masculinity isn’t dangerous.

But I do understand why you might feel that way ?  That boy from school and those 2 random men didn’t destroy me back then.  But they did set the foundation for that ingrained false beliefs of being less than, being different, and being defensive against male energy.

It’s been years since then and I’ve healed of that part of my life. I share this story so that you can heal too.

Is there little girl inside of you carrying around a painful story like this one?

We don’t have to carry that stuff around anymore.

And the sooner you realize it, the better.


✨ In honor of the woman whose inner child & innocence was broken, I extend this heart-felt offer: Join me in my 4-month mentorship & heal your past so you can ignite your presence.

(PS – Below is a pic of me at age 5 with my father who I thought was cooler than cool. I love my Dad very much! And thank him for doing his best)

Divine Masculine

How the truth will help you overcome your money fears

Stop doing this NOW if you want instant relief from your emotional pain, trauma or suffering

Something has been on my mind  and I’ve been afraid to say it ?

But I can’t hold back any longer. If I’m going to be the leader, the lover, the divine feminine powerhouse that I am (and know you can be too) I have to just say it.


You’re doing such a disservice to yourself when your story, the words you use to describe it, and your actions do not match. There’s a part of me that wants to retract into fear-mode of “Holy shit, I’m going to piss someone off right now” as I type this, but I have to push past that and let you know that your story is a lie. 

I’m sorry. I just don’t buy it.

You know the one where you tell me how messed up your life is, how you’re in a huge amount of pain and suffering, and you so desperately want relief?

You know that story where you’ve been struggling with your trauma or your emotional soul wounds for 5, 10, 15 years and HATE the way it makes you feel?

And how we go deeper uncovering your truth that you KNOW life can be different. You know YOU can be different. You know YOU can have more and you’re so ready for that? To show up life as the calm, confident, priestess of power that you are?

To show up in business as the unstoppable creatix of love, beautify, peace, power?  To show up in love as the divine healer of your world?

That part is all fine and well, but here’s where I start to cringe a little.  It’s the part where the next thing out of your mouth is something like:

? “I’ll be ready in a month from now to dive into a program that’ll help me”

? “I’m not ready yet to hire a coach/mentor/therapist/healer who can assist me in getting out of this”

? “I don’t have the money at the moment.”

? “It costs too much.”

? “I have so much debt.”

And on and the truth will help you overcome your money fears

I’m sorry, sweets, I support you, but I don’t support that and I’m not doing my job as a transformational coach and healer if I buy into that lie you’re teling yourself.

Your soul is unstoppable.

It is literally created out of the materials of stardust–science has proven this.  And you mean to tell me that your limitless soul…is somehow limited?  I don’t buy it.

I see through that. I see the real you. The shining soul deep within and I know you deserve better than that.  You can believe your story, but I refuse.

Because here’s the thing: if your healing or hiring the mentor or taking the action that would absolve you of your suffering was important… If it was literally LIFE & DEATH (which, isn’t it?) wouldn’t you find the money? Wouldn’t you figure it out?

If your child, or mother, or best friend was in severe pain & suffering, and there existed a magical cure that would relieve them of that, and save their fucking life and all it took was you finding the resources..wouldn’t you find them?  Wouldn’t you make it happen?

We’ll go to great lengths to save other people; to save our family, children, mother, brother, sister, friend. But when are you going to offer that same passionate determination to yourself?

Because It’s not really the money fear.

It’s not that the program cost too much, or you have too many bills, or you have to ask your partner, or you’re in a lot of debt.  That’s the story you tell but I don’t buy it.  It’s not any of those things at al..

It’s fear. Fear that you might not be able to confront the hard stuff that’ll come up from diving into a 4-month mentorship.  Fear that you could make a mistake.  Fear that you’ll fuck it up or ruin everything.

& as long as you have that fear, those lies you tell yourself will block you every. single. time.

Don’t get me wrong–I use to say those things too.   I use to look up to certain coaches and healers and be like, “OMG… I want to work her but… her $4500 program is out of reach. It costs to much. I could NEVER.”

And you know what happened?

I never got my breakthrough. Until one day I said enough is e-fucking-nough. I want to get OVER these emotional wounds I’ve been dragging around for years. I want to HEAL more than I want to stay stuck and fearful.

And guess what? I hired the mentor whose program was more money than I could ever possibly have imagined paying for.

I FOUND the fucking money.

Sure, I had to get crative (I took an early withdrawal from my IRA) but I DID IT. I fucking FOUND the money because guess what? I was done struggling and I meant it.

We as women are POWERFUL creatures.

That’s why I just don’t buy your story. I am not judging you. I am not downing you.  Believe me–I know what that feels like too.  I had a shit ton of debt.  Something to the tune of $55K+ in student loans just to start.

But my desire to change became more powerful than my story of “not enough” and I figured it fucking out.

So, if you’re telling yourself the money objections when you get on the phone with that healer, coach, or mentor who has the special kind of magick that’s going to CURE you and HEAL you of what’s hurting the most–I”m sorry, sweets. I don’t buy that.

I see the real you. The one on the inside who has hope for something better & knows anything is possible.

And that’s the part of you I’m talking to right now.

Love yourself enough to take a leap of faith, for once.

Invest in your own self-growth and healing, babygirl.

You don’t have to go on like this. You just don’t.

If you’re ready to get real, start to heal, and tap into your highest potential, let’s talk.

I love you very much.