Are your priorities out of whack?

I just wrapped up my free 7 Day Mindset Challenge & am feeling so inspired by the amazing women in my community.  They are so real, and so raw and SO powerful!  ??  I appreciate the love & support within that sacred space, but most of all I love the feedback.

I’ve had SO many women reach out & share that their biggest challenge in living the lifestyle they love is the dreaded t-word:  Time.  Or lack thereof.

So let’s do something about that.  I invite you right now to dream about your ideal day. And I mean be specific. How are you spending your time? Who’s there with you? Do you have a healthy balance of work & play?

The actions we take each day directly impacts how close we are to making those dreams a reality. Yet so many women are stuck feeling overwhelmed, like there’s just not enough time to get it all done. They crave to spend time following their passions, but everyone else’s needs seem to come first.

I know the kids gotta eat.
I know you’re working really hard.
I know you’re trying to meet all these heavy expectations.

But what if I told you that you’re doing it wrong? 

We often let ourselves come up with excuses like “there’s not enough time,” when truthfully…it’s just fear. Fear about what people will think if we push back & set boundaries.

Fear about being assertive with how we spend our time, money & energy.

Fear about placing OUR NEEDS back at the top of the list rather than the bottom where they’ve been for so long.

When you choose to make your needs a priority, “time” is not a valid excuse. How do I know? Because if you really want something, you WILL take action to make it happen.

You do it every day, like when CHOOSE to make your employer happy by showing up & doing the best damn job you can do. Or when you CHOOSE to put your family’s needs above your own. Or when you CHOOSE to focus on the hundred little tasks you end up doing in a day.  Your action toward making these thing happen indicates that these things are big priorities.

But until you choose to put yourself, your joys, your desires at the forefront of your mind & at the top of your To Do list you’re essentially saying “I’m not a priority in my life.”  You CHOOSE to place your needs last every. single. time.

When are you going to choose yourself?   When are you going to stop making these excuses and face the real block?  It’s not that you don’t have enough time.  It’s that you’re out of touch with yourself, your needs & your true desires.  It’s that you have fear that meeting your needs first makes you wrong or selfish.

Take your power back, sis.  Stop waiting.  Stop putting everyone (& everything) else above your own needs.

Seriously, just imagine how that would feel.  How will that impact those around you? How will it change your life for the better?

Taking care of yourself doesn’t require you to neglect your other responsibilities.  It actually enhances your ability to show up for those priorities & obligations with 100 times more energy, purpose & passion.

Make the choice today to acknowledge that you, as much as anybody else, deserve to feel happy, supported & free.

And a good start is by putting a little more you back into your routine.

One Simple Way to Bust Through Fears

Fear can be insidious. It comes in many forms, often disguised as something other than it really is..such as frustration.
The energy of frustration isn’t something that often bothers me much anymore, but this past weekend? Completely different story! I was SO over it this weekend. Completely frustrated but unable to put my finger on exactly what was wrong. Have you ever felt that way?
As a psychotherapist, I tend to stay pretty in tune with myself and am able to work through a lot of my inner work on my own.
Something that’s helped me with that is this practice I developed of never really accepting my difficult emotions at face value. Meaning.. if I’m feeling frustrated odds are there’s more to it. Some underlying *something* and once I find it, that’s stuff I want to heal.
I do this in the most simple way ever–by simply asking myself why? It goes something like this:
I’m feeling frustrated. Why?
I kept getting interrupted while working on my projects & it’s driving me insane!! Why?
I go on & on like this, asking “Why”, until I reach the inner truth. The inner message for why it is I really feel this way.
In this particular example, the core energy of the frustration I was experiencing was a deeply hidden belief. A fear I’d been denying I even had about taking bold actions in my life & biz. Fear about:
. .what if it’s really hard to find my client base
. .what if I don’t make enough money to support myself & my family or even worse,
. .what if I’m stuck working for an employer forever
Yikes… that’s some heavy stuff. But calling it out helped me to realize my own limiting beliefs. My own negative thought processes.
We all have them from time to time. I had just been denying mine for so long that of course they come bursting out just a week before a big biz move I’m about to make.
Getting to the “why” of it all, calling out those fears by name, & getting super honest about my vulnerabilities helps me be a little more real with myself. And surprisingly, it helps those fears fade away.
It helps me show up here in a more authentic way.
It helps me overcome my own limiting beliefs.
In moments like these I realized I have a choice. I could choose to go down the never-ending rabbit hole of negative what if’s. OR I could take some inspired action towards my goal (no matter how teeny tiny they may be).
It’s pretty simple. Which direction will you go?
PS. Oh yeah, the big biz move is that my website launches this week (!!!) but if you want to get instant access to more inspiration, encouragement & support then join my tribe of fierce & fearless women who are empowering themselves & each other to make true & lasting change. Click this link to join us:

100 Mega-Powerful Manifestation Affirmations

People talk about manifestation, and for the longest time I thought it’s only purpose was to aquire more money to buy more stuff. But then I realized that while some do use it for that purpose, manifestation is so much more.

I see it as an art form which can be used for an infinite amount of purposes.  It can completely transform your life.

I mean literally change your experiences.

I’m talking about going from living on friend’s couchs to owning the house of your dreams.   Working a job you hate, to doing what you love for a living.

At it’s most complicated it can include rituals, candles, magick, and more. At it’s simplest, it can mean aligning yourself with higher vibrations through use of mantras or affirmations.

I like to keep life simple, and I’ve decided to have a little fun by creating this list of manifestation affirmations you can use in your daily life.   Write these in your journal. Put them on sticky notes. Say them any time you need a creative boost on your path of miraculous manifestation.

100 Manifestation Affirmations

  1. I am a manifestation queen
  2. I can manifest anything
  3. I manifest easily and effortlessly
  4. My thoughts create my reality
  5. My thoughts are aligned with universal creative flow
  6. I know what it is that I want for my life.
  7. I clearly ask for what I want
  8. It is easy for me to ask for what I want
  9. I am surrounded by only positive, uplifting, supportive people
  10. I have so much help and support surrounding my manifestations
  11. I have supportive relationships with people who love me unconditionally
  12. I have complete financial freedom.
  13. I am free from all debts, and now only attract the beauty of abundance
  14. The universe supports me and all of my needs are met
  15. I am so thankful for the good things surrounding me and my life today
  16. I am so grateful that the universe supports me
  17. The universe showers it’s blessings of abundance over me
  18. I am grateful to receive the gifts of abundance in my life
  19. The more gratitude I have, the more I am able to manifest my dreams
  20. The more that I manifest, the more gratutude I experience
  21. I effortlessly receive gifts and answers to my prayers
  22. I receive the good in life with ease
  23. Good things are always manifesting in my life
  24. I receive small signs of God’s/Creator’s/Source’s love
  25. I receive miracles in my life in new and exciting ways
  26. I keep my chakra’s clear and open to receiving the good in the world
  27. Beautiful things fall into my lap with ease
  28. I am aligned with the good in the world
  29. I am aligned with the river of universal abundance
  30. I am a creative being
  31. I create the life of my dreams
  32. I believe in my ability to manifest
  33. I am manifesting my desires with ease
  34. My life is filled with positivity
  35. Everywhere I look, I only find more and more happiness
  36. My life is filled with love
  37. Everywhere I look, I see things that I love
  38. My life is filled with gratitude
  39. Everywhere I look, I find so much to be grateful for
  40. I love my life
  41. Everything around me radiates with love
  42. I receive gifts in the most unexpected ways
  43. I receive gifts with so much thanksgiving
  44. I receive gifts of generosity
  45. People surprise me with gifts of abundance
  46. I continuously vibrate with the frequency of love
  47. I have faith that my manifestations are here now
  48. I have faith in my ability to manifest
  49. My entire energy field is aligning to bring forth my posiitive manifestations
  50. I focus on creating the life of my dreams
  51. My financial situation has made a change for the better
  52. It is easy for me to reach my goals
  53. I align my goals with my highest good
  54. I allow my manifestations, or something even better, to come into my life now
  55. My goals serve to help me fulfil my highest ideals
  56. I am supremely creative
  57. I allow myself to be a creative being
  58. I use my creative ability to design the life of my dreams
  59. I am already living the life of my dreams
  60. I am a visionary being who manifests with great ease
  61. I am consciously aware of my creativity
  62. I find it easy to create something new in my life
  63. I am perfectly aligned with the abundance of the universe
  64. My life is full of magic and miracles
  65. Visualizing my success comes easy for me
  66. My imagination is vibrant and dynamic
  67. It’s easy for me to remain grateful for my many blessings
  68. Gratitude helps me create a life I love
  69. My positive thinking helps me create the life I love
  70. I speak with authority over my life
  71. I speak with power
  72. My crown chakra is clear and open so that I may receive clear guidance
  73. My third eye chakra is clear and open so that I may seem my manifestations as real in the here & now
  74. My throat chakra is clear which helps me speak my dreams into reality
  75. My heart chakra is clear and open so that I may feel the love surrounding me once my manifestation became reality
  76. My solar plexus chakra is clear and open so that I may ignite my manifestations with power and passion
  77. My sacral chakra is clear and open so that I may create my manifestations in the here & now
  78. my root chakra is clear and open so that I may feel safe enough to create a life I love
  79. My words create my reality
  80. My positive actions create positive consequences
  81. I’m living the life of my dreams due to my positive action steps
  82. I know the actions steps required to help me reach my goals
  83. I attract helpful people into my life
  84. I attract helpful circumstances into my life
  85. Everyone around me loves and supports me and my manifestations
  86. I let go of old habits and patterns so that I can more easily achieve my dreams
  87. The men in my life love and support me and my manifestations
  88. I am perfectly balanced with the universe and this helps me create the life of my dreams
  89. The divine light & love within me propels e ever towards my goals & manifestations
  90. I am already feeling the joy of what life will be like once I achieve my manifestations
  91. With each breath I take, my manifestations are growing closer and closer
  92. As I inhale, I give breath to my dreams & goals
  93. As I exhale, I release any blockages surrounding the abundance that is rightly mine
  94. I know that abundance is my birthright
  95. I know that I deserve to be happy and free
  96. My freedom to experience love and light helps me attract even more abundance
  97. I am living in the freedom of abundance now.
  98. The work I do for a living supports my goals of abundance
  99. I passionately believe in my ability to achieve my goals
  100. I can do anything.

Whew!  Well, there we have it.  Take these and apply them where you can.

Before you go though, I’m curious to know What are some of your personal mantras & affirmations?  

Share them below in the comments.