Transmuting Trauma

When we carry trauma around it can be very triggering. You might find yourself having difficulties in relationships, possibly you are finding it hard to relate to what is happening in the World right now, and most importantly you could be experiencing feeling stuck. Feeling stuck can literally keep you thinking and acting as if […]

Healing Trauma will Release Subconscious Blocks

Move past your trauma. I know what you are thinking…easier said than done. And While I am not going to argue that healing can be messy, I want you to know your experiences, your trauma will not be in vain. I am here to tell you, from personal experience, that when you releasing your trauma […]

Are you Scared to use Yoni Eggs?

So you’re ready to dive into womb wellness, but you’re afraid to use jade eggs (aka yoni eggs). I get that! There’s often a little bit of apprehension when we come into yoni egg work, but what I want you to know is that working with yoni eggs is actually pretty easy. In this video […]