4 Spiritual Ways to Heal your Trauma

To me, spirituality goes hand in hand with the sacred psychology of healing. When healing trauma, the more tricks you have in your bag the better. This video is for you if you’re a spiritual person, or someone who honors ritual practice. I’m talking candle magick, petition papers & more. There is something in your […]

Manifest Anything

You are not bad at Manifesting! The Law of Attraction is something that can work for you right NOW! Through the simple technique of connecting-or reconnecting-with your Womb Space, you will be able to manifest in the most Divine way that a woman can! In this day and age we are so programmed to hustle, […]

How to Write a Total Truth Letter – Journal Prompt for Healing

This is one of the most difficult topics to bring up when it comes to healing, especially healing from a traumatic experience. Have you ever heard the saying, that true healing comes through true forgiveness? Maybe, you have also heard the saying, I will forgive but I will never forget? How about this…Lets expand our […]

How to effortlessly manifest with 99.9% accuracy

I know how it feels to set a goal to earn more money in your business, or find more clients…then totally fall flat. You try your best to manifest, yet somehow it never happens for you the way it  seemingly does for everyone else. And without fail, your inner mean girl comes out full force blaring […]

How to get your year started off with a BANG

Want to get 2017 started with a bang? Like finally change your life? Start to feel better? Take action? Make shit happen? Then pay close attention because I’m going to give you some very specific directions. Stop what you’re doing and go your underwear drawer. Oooh, girl you know you’re too hot to trot with […]

100 Mega-Powerful Manifestation Affirmations

People talk about manifestation, and for the longest time I thought it’s only purpose was to aquire more money to buy more stuff. But then I realized that while some do use it for that purpose, manifestation is so much more. I see it as an art form which can be used for an infinite amount […]