Whether it was a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage.. whether an abortion, or stillbirth... You are LOVED. What happened to you matters. And you deserve to be held. I have been there, sister! I know how much it hurts. Let's heal through this together.

The pain of losing a child feels like a never-ending sea of grief. For me, the hardest part was moving through it alone. I felt like nobody understood. Why weren't my loved ones suffering more? Why were people treating me so weird? Why can't anybody talk about it?  And more importantly, why couldn't I talk about it?

Perhaps you're experiencing some of these feelings too.  No woman should have to move through this alone. Through my experience as a professional grief therapist, as well as my personal experience of miscarriage I will gift you the energy, guidance, support to help you catch your breath and soothe your broken heart.

The Support Your Soul Needs...

Every woman needs a different kind of support because every womb and every baby and every journey is unique. Together we'll customize the specific healing experience you need most, but keep reading to discover a taste of what's in store...

This is for you if...

💜 You're swept away in a sea of grief and it feels like you'll never get out

💜 You're keeping it together on the outside, but on the inside you feel broken

💜 Your heart hurts so deeply that it feels like your grief will just kill you

💜 You're pissed off that the world keeps going on like nothing happened

💜 You're afraid you'll keep having miscarriages again, and again and would do anything to prevent that from being true

💜 For the love of God WHY doesn't anyone know how to TALK to you about this?  Why don't you WANT to talk about this?

"I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)" - e. e. cummings

Here's Exactly What You'll Receive

what's included in this healing container

  •  45-minute 1:1 Supportive Coaching sessions with Jemese LaChel where she'll couple her professional experience as a bereavement counselor, with her personal experience as both healer and miscarriage survivor (to determine if a single session or 3-session package is best, keep reading!)

  • One customized ritual intuitively channeled for you to perform at home to help you with your recovery process

  • Guided Meditations with energy healing transmissions.  This is a unique healing experience as each track is weaved with energy medicine using a specific technique of energy healing channeled by Jemese LaChel

  • A goddess care package from my heart to your door full of intuitively selected items to help you through your grief and healing process

  • 24/7 voxer support available for 30 days after our session (so you'll have a healer in your pocket on those days it all feels too much)

Single session or Package of 3 Sessions?

How to decide which is right for you...

🦋  If your loss feels very new and raw, you'll benefit most from a package of 3 where we can ensure we take you to the depths of your healing, while honoring the life of your precious child, and your individual story.

🦋 If you feel like you've done some work with healing through your grief already, but find there's still a niggling pain that prevents you from moving forward or living to your full potential, you might benefit most from an individual session.

Still having trouble deciding?  Let's chat!  Reach out to me via e-mail or online with FB Messenger so we can discuss what's right for you.

Single Session

When you need some immediate relief & guidance

Three Sessions

when you need ongoing support


Who is this session for?

The woman who's experienced a loss of any kind--miscarriage, missed miscarriage, chemical pregnancy, abortion, or anything in between.

This work is especially intended to reach the woman stuck in grief who needs some help to heal through her loss. Let's dive into those stories and give you some support.

How will we connect for our 1:1 session?

Soon as I see you've booked your session, we'll connect via Zoom which is an online video program similar to Skype.  The benefit of Zoom is that I can easily record our session in the event you'd like to listen to the replay.

What kind of stuff comes in the care package? How does that all work?

These are some of my favorite offerings. Using my gifts as a clairvoyant healer, I'll work alongside your angels & guides to collect healing artifacts to support your process.  This is different for every woman as each package is 100% channeled.  It may included special gemstones & crystals, materials to perform a healing ritual at home, journals, and more.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of these sessions, and the amount of love, time and work I pour into them, I do not offer refunds. Although, honestly, you're not going to want one. This is a transformative experience love, that's so intimate and loving. You'll walk away feeling glad you said yes.

* PS - Please note that this offering is truly a gift of service to the woman who needs it, so if cost is a barrier do not hesitate to notify Jemese privately to inquire about alternative payment arrangements.  Just reach out at