The support you need is here waiting for you, mama...

Having a baby is great, but there's so much stuff nobody tells you about.  And even if they did, you wouldn't really know what to do until you're wading through the experience. That's where I come in.

For the postpartum mama

Having a baby is the most beautiful gift, but what happens when the baby blues linger? Or you find yourself in that shadowy-stuff nobody prepares your? That's where I come in.  This offering is for the first-time-mommy who is overwhelmed or just needing some support; and any mama who wants a lifeline of support to keep her from dipping down into depressive-like or anxiety-like symptoms.

What you'll receive:
  • (1) Guided Meditation Album
    • Heal your birth story meditation
    • Releasing womb trauma meditation
    • Spirit Guide Messages for the New Mama meditation
    • Energy Rebalancing meditation
  • (1) 45-minute prerecorded workshop on Postpartum Anxiety & Depression
  • (1) 30-minute personal consultation session with LCSW & Womb Priestess Jemese LaChel  to glean wisdom from Divine Mother, your Higher Self, and your Womb on what you most need to know for pregnancy and conception

*After purchasing this package you'll receive a private password-protected link including all this digital content + instructions for how to schedule our first call.  Questions before we get started?  Just click this link or send e-mail to