You deserve waves of prosperity flowing to you 24/7--without the terrifying highs & lows or emotional baggage

and the keys to unlock it all are within you right now (your womb)

Money is spiritual.

Cash is sacred. And we as spiritual women deserve our lioness' share.

With more money, we make a bigger impact: in our lives, our family's life, and in our own communities.

The entire dynamic of the nation of the WORLD changes (that is the Divine Feminine awakening)

But it's not just about the money for us, right?

Because as spiritual women we value alignment over everything.

The money is just a side effect.

This experience will bring you back into a state of harmony with your womb, liberating you from your traumas and old stories, to create the life & business now rather than someday.

✨ Never wasting money again on ineffective talk therapy, mindset courses, or self-help books to heal your story 

✨ Completely paying off your credit cards (AND booking that family vacation to Maui in cash)

✨ Tripling your income now that you feel truly worthy in your core

✨ Explosive love for inch of yourself (including your sexuality, shadows, and secrets)

✨ Boldly asking for what you want (in the bedroom + biz) and people eagerly saying "YES!"

✨ Being Psychic AF now that you're completely open to Divine Flow

As a spiritual woman, you show up daily with a full heart ready to serve. You know your gifts literally change lives and make the world a better place. But up until now your bank balance just isn't reflecting this.  You've hit a plateau--emotionally or financially.  Your manifesting is hit-or-miss. Something just feels "off", and frankly you're a little embarrassed.

Just admit it, sis--you've been struggling for a while now, right?

It's not your fault.

Here's why what you've tried before just 👏🏾 isn't 👏🏾 working👏🏾

The more you try to "heal your blocks" with never-ending therapy, mindset work, or courses... without actually taking the time to awaken the energy center within your womb... the MORE your desires just don't manifest.

You reach a certain level and then.... you hit a plateau. It just starts to feel really. fucking. hard.

Sure, those strategies you've tried bring lots of awareness, but they dance around the true solution and DON'T provide you pleasure of experiencing:

💐 Your story of sexual trauma or emotional pain being the catalyst to your epic success story

🤑 Clients PMing you while you're scrolling Netflix, practically begging to pay you in full (and no, they don't need a sales call first)

🍼 Finally getting pregnant with your miracle baby after a decade of trying

🏖 Taking that beach vacation instead of just planning on someday

Success, wealth, prosperity--it looks different to each woman.  But the way of RECEIVING it is all the same.  The secret to success is to allow the goodness to come TO you. And you can only do that through an open and free-flowing womb.  If you're blocked in your experience of receiving money, pleasure, success.... you're also blocked somewhere in your womb chakra (or, your relationship to your own sexuality).  And when I show you exactly how to activate your womb's Creative me, life will never be the same. 


But what if you don't have years wait? What if you need money NOW? And your miracle to happen TODAY?

You've tried EVERYTHING to make this work...

❌ You've hired the business coaches to work on your strategy

❌ You've gone to therapy to figure to psychoanalyze your past

❌ You've gotten energy work to "fix" you

But seems like nothing is working.

Clients aren't coming to you the way you'd hoped. Money's just NOT flowing.  You secretly harbor shame about it (and about that story of your painful past too...the one you hope nobody ever finds out about).

You just don't know how to make all of this work, which is beyond frustrating, because you have incredible gifts that should be sending  your clients, your success, and your prosperity flocking to you!

Believe me, I completely understand your pain. I was there too!

Imagine if you knew you how to create financial & emotional freedom by simply working with the Manifestation Magick of your Womb...

🔻 Without taking years to see results

🔻 Without spending years in therapy

🔻 Without living off your credit cards

🔻 Without pretending like what happened in your past isn't effecting everything that you do


a 13-week group program for spiritual women who want to activate wealth the divine feminine way through the transformative power of their womb

Beginning July 2, 2019

This is not a money mindset program, and I'm not another business coach. In fact, this is something so much more sacred.  It's an exclusive container for an intimate group of sisters who seek to overcome their prosperity struggle once and for all.

We'll combine actionable steps with spiritual work to bring you back into womb wellness so you can manifest your miracle life. Full of proven techniques and easy-to-follow-steps, you'll deepen into a state of infinite abundance.

A Wealthy Womban is one who's able to birth her vision--whatever that look like (money, babies, healing, and more).  You'll gain access to tools that will provide endless possibilities for you in ever aspect of life & business.

Inside this container, you'll learn how to:

☥ Manifest specific amounts of money using your womb energy

☥ Transmute sexual traumas, emotional wounds, and any experiences you deem "negative" into incredible potent power

☥ Completely transform your life life by understanding & applying the cycles of your feminine energy

☥ Harmonize your Masculine + Feminine energy to create your desired outcome in a way that's consistent, predictable, and feels really really good

☥ Get consistent results again, and again, and again even after this program completes

***Unlike business programs or mindset courses that don't teach about the connection between the womb, your experiences, and your ability manifest. These programs give strategy but without the knowledge of how to apply true womb wellness so you can receive without the hustle, the pushing, and having to work so damn hard

Applying what you learn in the Wealthy Womb intensive means you'll have:

🤑More money

💕 Better relationships (in life and business)

🔻Deep awareness of how to actually manifest with accuracy (so you get what you want for sure, without just "hoping" it turns out)

🌈 Permanent healing from your story


  1. 13 weeks of group mentorship Includes bi-weekly 60-minute sessions held via Zoom (with recording replays sent thereafter )
  2. 7 Pillars (or modules) we'll anchor into during each bi-weekly call as we activate the womb chakra and manifest like crazy
  3.  Rituals, Homework, and Individualized Support during the weeks we don't meet.
  4. Intuitively Channeled Guided Meditations to quantum leap your energy from surviving to thriving. These meditations carry specific transmissions that will help you open your intuitive channels, bring forward & release deep-seated trauma, and activate higher states of consciousness so you may move forward to create your vision for life + biz a thousand times easier.
  5. Emotional & moral support via e-mail or private message between sessions
  6. Secret FB group for sisterhood, community, and support

Only 12 spots available in this intimate container

This is not a cookie-cutter program, but here's an idea of the themes we'll explore as we move through the 7 Pillars of the Wealthy Womb:

Pillar 1


Opening the gateway to your receiving & activating the womb chakra

Pillar 2


Entering into your Womb Story to find the shadows. Transmuting them move from sacred wound to sacred womb. 

Pillar 3


Learning to manifest with accuracy by using your natural feminine cycles & creative energy of the womb 

Pillar 4


You, but amplified, bolder, and more vibrant. The way you've only dreamed. Infusing pleasure into every aspect of your being. 

Pillar 5


Fully embodying the change you wish to see. Fully being your sacred womban self everywhere you go. 

Pillar 6


Embracing this new reality as a woman who can see it in her mind, plant in her womb, and birth it into reality: money, pleasure, and more...

Pillar 7


Pouring together all we've learned so you can move forward in life as a fully Awakened Womban


Livestreams, bonus sessions, readings, personalized support sprinkled throughout 

When you secure your seat in the circle by July 1st, you also get these bonuses...

Bonus #1

45-minute one-on-one womb consultation session with Jemese LaChel  (value $247)

We'll explore your personal energy to give you a head start on your healing journey. You'll get one-on-one psychic insights and tangible action steps you can take to bring your womb, your personal energy back into alignment.

Bonus #2

Reiki Charged Chakra Bracelet  (value $23)

Reiki is a system of energy medicine that aides in bringing relaxation and harmonization to the person who receives it. By wearing Reiki-charged jewelry, you can receive the benefits of Reiki everywhere you go!


Space is limited to 12 women only to keep this container of these spots yours?


Doors Close Soon

-112Days -13Hours -40Minutes -4Seconds

The investment for both this 3-month group program is $997 USD paid in full.  You also have access to two flexible payment options including monthly payments of $333 USD;  or bi-weekly payments of $167 USD.

On the fence? Feel free to contact me at, or online via FB Messenger to set up a ask any questions you may have regarding how this program is a good fit for you. Prefer to talk "in person"? Click here for a link to my calendar where you can book a no-cost 15-minute call. 

Consider me your Transformation Priestess

I was in your shoes once. Put together on the outside, but totally struggling to keep my shit together on the inside.

I'm Jemese LaChel, MSW, LCSW & my soul gifts lie in my ability to see straight through to your soul and give you a brand new experience of what's possible.

I am profoundly psychic; I see you better than you may even see yourself, and as such, this helps me hear, see, and know the unique actions your soul is begging you to take today (the actions that transform everything in an instant)!

I’ve worked with thousands of incredible women (from six-figure mompreneurs to humble-hearted & homeless) and one thing I know for sure is this: we all have a story + our pain can birth our deepest transformations.

I also know that all of our life experiences--positive & negative--move through the portal of our womb, and if we're not careful to transmute that "negative" or painful stuff... it ends up blocking us again, and again, and again.

I experienced the pain of a rape which occurred while serving active duty in the marines.  There was no justice as I was forced to interact with my rapist daily for 2 years.   I experienced addiction, depression... Things got better, I started a business, I found my husband and then I experienced a miscarriage.  I experienced being literally numb sexually.  Completely shut down from my womb space.

These little traumas and big traumas stay in the energy field until we call them out. Yet, most aren't willing to do that because nobody has shown them how.  Nobody has shown you how this is connected to your level of prosperity, pleasure, and success..  Until now.  I'm here to help you as my sister, because I want every woman on this planet to have these gifts.  To thrive.  Are you ready to do this, sis? Will you let me show you how? 

This is for you if...

☾ You're a spiritual entrepreneur, empath, or healer who is already established in her business 

☾ You've done mindset work till you're blue in the face, received readings, healing sessions, but you're STILL struggling 

☾ You refuse to let your current circumstances stand in the way of you saying YES to investing in your wellness

☾ You specifically want to learn how to work with this womb energy so you can improve your life

☾You are willing to go 100% in on your past wounds in order to clear them and transmute them permanently 


This is not for you if...

☽ You're looking for a coach to help you get money really, really fast and that's your #1 motivation (Of course I want you to hit that $10K income goal, but I'm about chasing alignment versus chasing money. Funnily, the money comes with alignment but I'm not a money first coach so if that's what you're looking for it's not me)

☽ You want me to tell you what to do, give you answers, without ever taking personal responsibility for your own growth #ICannotDoThisWorkFORyou 

☽ You don't actually believe that you have the capacity for growth

☽ You're disconnected from your womb or sexuality and really don't want to change that 


Here's my promise to you if you take a seat at our circle and join this program:

I promise that if you take action of the recommendations you receive throughout this program, and apply the tools provided throughout you WILL have positive results. If you do the work and give 110%; if you take advantage of my service to you; if you dive in and say YES your life will change.

I know it because I've used this process multiple times in my own life and lives of other women like you.  While I obviously can't guarantee your specific results...I know that YOU can. YOU are your guarantee. I have the unique process, you just have to take the leap and say YES.

So, now you have a choice...

You can just pass on this program and keep carrying around that negativity and wounding, feeling like you can't quite get through that plataeu in your life or business.

You can waffle around for a few hours (or days), and maybe miss out on this transformation completely because you didn't trust yourself to make a choice.

Or you can commit to investing in yourself right now and join this sisterhood now.

Everything changes immediately when you make a decision. It instantly builds self-confidence and even better, the universe responds immediately.  So, I'll ask again--are you ready? Will you join the sisterhood of the Wealthy Womb? 

Time's Running Out...

-112Days -13Hours -40Minutes -4Seconds

The investment for both this 3-month group program is $997 USD paid in full.  You also have access to two flexible payment options including monthly payments of $333 USD;  or bi-weekly payments of $167 USD.

  If you hear the call and know this experience is for you, please schedule a complementary call and we'll get started right away.. 


What makes you an expert?

I've got over 10 years of experience working in the helping profession. I received both a bachelors and masters degree in Social Work, earned a professional license to practice as a licensed master social worker and then now as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Girlfriend, I've got more letters behind my name than you can shake a stick at.

But I don't think any of that means as much as my personal experience. See, I've personally walked through these trenches (literally, and figuratively). I know what it's like to live with depression, anxiety, PTSD. I also know what it's like to overcome them and create a badass, full-of-love, life. So basically, I have the education to back it up but the experience to walk you through it.

How is this program different than others?

For starter's, you get me--a state board licensed psychotherapist who is also a transformation coach and powerful energy healer & psychic mentor. I mean seriously, what an amazing combination?  I struggled with therapists in my past because they didn't quite grasp the spiritual, metaphysical, energetic or psychic principles, and as such...I didn't feel I was receiving the fullness of what I needed.  What I wouldn't have done to have had someone with this magical skillset guiding me along.

With me on your team you get all the lessons I've learned and a confidante to guide you so you don't make the mistakes I made. You get my support, my education, my training, my experience to help you transform into your very best self.

I'll take you on a journey of healing the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual BS that's held you down for too long. You deserve to receive what's yours, and I'm ready to help you.

Will this be my last major investment before I become the mega success I'm striving to become?

Ok, so let me tell it you 100% real. Nobody. I mean, nobody can promise you this (and if they do, run, because they're not being honest).

See...I KNOW that if we do this deep soul work  together, you can make monumental shifts in your life + biz. You can start feeling better, like, today.  You can start experiencing greater joy, greater pleasure, greater peace, passion, love.

But...the results are completely dependent on you and your willingness to follow-through with the work we're doing together. Can you commit to yourself?  Can you say yes to your healing?  You hold the key, love.

How is this work going to be different than my previous investments?

Let me guess.  You've spent more money than you care to admit on healing sessions, energy work, mindset coaching, business coaching and you're still struggling to make ends meet. You've got feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness...

It's not that those other mentors were wrong, or that you're bad... it's just that neither of you understood the true energetics between pain + passion + money + sex + your sacred womb.  You haven't fully understood the true nature of the energetics operating within you and until you will repeat out the same patterns again, and again, and again.

This program is your answer.  Your ticket to liberation.  I'd say it's time, to begin, yes?

What if I can't afford to pay for this up front?

Trust me, I know firsthand how it feels to be shaking in your boots at thought of making an investment in yourself.

That's why I've made this program, which once sold out at over $4444 USD, accessible to many more women for budgetable payments ranging from just $250 USD.

Finding the money is as making the decision that you WILL take a leap of faith for yourself. Make the conscious, unshakeable, unwavering decision.  You're future self will thank you.