You are among powerful ones walking on the earth. A modern priestess. A sacred woman. Yet underneath your fears, stories, and traumas lies your ultimate power: your womb.

Meet Jemese

Womb Priestess & Clairvoyant Energy Healer

Maybe you're like me 10 years ago wondering, "what the heck is all this womb stuff."  I can tell you that discovering it has transformed my life. It'll do the same for you.

Just close your eyes and imagine how life would be if...

☥ You no longer struggled to manifest; instead everything you desired came to you in 72hrs or less!

☥ You stopped feeling insecure, angry, and victimized; instead your trauma transformed into a well of peace

☥ You never had to hire another healer, psychic, or intuitive; you now were that for yourself

It's my #1 joy to teach women how to activate all this and more through the power of their womb. I'd love to show you how!

Some of the themes we may cover in this single session

🌙  Childhood sexual trauma

🌙  Patterns of abuse & domestic violence

🌙 Womb imbalances

🌙 Fertility issues

🌙  Patterns of oppression & ways to overcome

🌙  Ancestral wounds

🌙 Psychic development

🌙 & so much more...

“The condition of women’s wombs also directly reflects the condition of women’s minds, spirits, and actions. The womb is a storehouse of all our emotions.” ― Queen Afua

How It Works

  1. You'll use the schedule link below to book a time we can connect
  2. We'll meet up using Zoom for a private phone call which will start on video just so we can say hey, and then switch to audio-only as we get into more intimate details
  3. In this call we'll cover three themes:
    • The content (or, reason why you're reaching out to me)
    • The healing (where I step in with my magic mojo and help activate your healing)
    • The homework (because I want you leaving empowered to continue your own growth)
  4. BONUS Add-ons (because I never DON'T give away something special when Spirit leads me.  And Spirit is ALWAYS leading me in these calls.. meaning you might end up with access to a workshop, training or other exclusive content I share only with paid clients)

Schedule Below to Get Started