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For those of you with “trust issues” ?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in the world is trust.

Trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Trust the world to be a safe place.

Trust the people around you with your heart, thoughts & feelings.

Trust the universe to answer when you call.

Trust that you’ll find clients.

Trust that you’ll have support.

Trust that you’ll be OK.

I’m moving out of a dark night of the soul, so to speak, and this topic has been heavy on my heart. This might be my most vulnerable share ever, but…I’d been feeling really down on myself.

See, I’ve made a career and a life helping women just like you become more confident, more resilient, more in love with their lives than ever but… a part of me had been feeling insecure AF.

Amazing things were happening in my life, yet I found myself constantly questioning:

“Can I really do this?”
“Can I really go bigger?  Be better?”
“Do I really deserve to have this life?”

I’m talking self-sabotage to the max (do you ever catch yourself doing this?) Things were going so well, but part of me wondered deep down if I had what it takes.  I was so insecure that I actually stopped working on my business for a while.

I think it was something like emotional and spiritual growing pains.  The kind that happens when you’re upleveling your life and making huge shifts and taking tons of inspired action but your ego is ringing alarm bells and fear is paralyzing.  It’s been uncomfortable AF.

So I went offline.  Like… stopped showing up.  Like… went silent.  Like… didn’t share a peep.

I went into hiding.  Hibernation mode.   

How my Facebook group survived, I don’t know (but God am I ever grateful).

I think I sort of lost myself there for a minute.

But good news is, that this dark night of the soul helped teach me a few things I can now say I know for sure which are :

  1. Entrepreneurship will stretch, challenge, push you to grow more than you could ever possibly imagine.

  2. You have a message to share deep within (even if you don’t think you have one) and that message must be shared (even if you don’t think you have to).

  3. All the answers to all your questions really can be found within (we sometimes just need a gentle guide to help us draw them out).

Girl, things got kind of rough there for a minute.  I mean… I found myself questioning EVERYTHING.  My why.  My what.  At one point I even thought about throwing in the towel and going back to the 9-5 lifestyle I so desperately worked to leave behind.

Thankfully, I returned to my senses and realized that it was all just my mind, my ego, my fear playing tricks on me.

I’m in a better place now, because I was able to pull back the mental layers of BS and check in with who I was at my core.  I would never be fully satisfied or content with being someone else’s employee (that’s why I launched my own business, helping other women to fulfill their dreams and desires too).

And I would never be satisfied allowing fear to continue to paralyze me (that’s why I had to start sharing my message again..pushing past my own BS).

Dark nights of the soul are far from comfortable.  I’ve been through them before and I’m willing to bet that I’ll probably experience it again. But one more thing I also know for sure is that when there’s dark, there is also light.

If you wait for it, work for it, trust, and allow yourself to just receive.

There is always light. You will feel better, be better, get better, get through whatever you are going through.

Whatever you are struggling with.  You just have to have faith in yourself and trust.

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