The most natural thing in the world is for a woman to be operating from the wisdom within her womb.

However, if your story is anything like mine then the concept may be completely foreign.

My mother certainly didn't tell me about "womb power," and that's likely because she didn't know.  

And I'm certain her mother didn't tell her either.  

In this 3-day workshop, I'll guide you into deepening into the truth of your sacred womb.  We'll explore themes of womb empowerment, clearing, and other Divine Feminine principles so you can create your life and business from a place of sincere truth, love, and abundance.

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One of the very first offerings I ever made was this workbook.  

It's a short PDF to offer 5 practical solutions you can use if you find yourself wandering the dark night of the soul.

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Guided Meditations + Healing Activations

Channeled by Womb Priestess Jemese LaChel, imbued with loving energy + activation

One of my most powerful soul gifts is the ability to transmit healing through the sound of my voice.  Through a modality I've created (or co-created rather with support of The Most High).  I use this modality in the work I do 1:1 with my clients, and I also offer lots of free meditations.

Here's a few preselected to assist you on your path:

☾  Womb Healing Meditation

Great Mother Love & Abundance Meditation

Sacred Womb  & Gift Retrieval Meditation

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Working with your Guides

What if I told you that at this very moment, you have everything you need within to become your very own psychic intuitive?

It's true!  You have access to an intuitive ability beyond your wildest dreams, as well as a league of spiritual support just waiting for you to call on them.

Download this free guide to learn 20 easy steps to gaining access to the spiritual support all around you, and start feeling like the intuitive, spiritual, soul sis you always knew you were.

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What if you grew up understanding how the moon impacts your body, your mind, and your spirit?

I suspect that most everything in your would would be different.

Journey with me over these next three days to take your relationship with your womb, your moon cycles, and nature to the next level.

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