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How to heal the Mother Wound + activate your breakthrough

How to heal your mother wound

This is for you, girlfriend, if you’ve got “mom” issues. Specifically…. mother wound issues.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s still relevant because as we move deeper into the Inner Alchemy that occurs when we start getting into the true divine feminine & womb healing…

Well, these mother woundings are just bound to be revealed–whether you had the best mom, the worst mom, or an absentee mom.

There’s stuff going on and until you clear it on the energetic level, it WILL keep circling around in your field making everything so. much. harder. than it has to be.

But for those short on time… simply read on for the rundown on a strategy to help you transmute these lingering energies

Your 5-minute Mother Wound Healing Exercise

1. Submerge yourself in a body of water. (Ocean is best; bathtub is second; or standing in the shower if you have no other option.) While submerged imagine that you are in the Cosmic Womb.

2. Set intention to bring forward all the conscious and unconscious memories, attachments, stories, or wounds surrounding your mother which most need to be healed away (tip: try placing one hand on your heart, one hand on your womb).

3. While submerged, allowing the muffled sound of water in your ears to flow, simply imagine that every attachment and wound that stands in the way of you being your most empowered self releases completely… washed away into the water.

4. When you feel all is healed, simple rise up and carry on about your day.
Simple, but effective. And here’s why:

It forces us to surrender (a skill that is necessary for deep healing to take place… and also a skill that’s a challenge for so many women)

It also allows us to reparent ourselves.. to take the bold action of doing for ourselves what our mother, or female ancestral line didn’t or couldn’t do for us.

It’s just a matter of your willingness to dive in and do the work.

Do tell me now this exercise goes for you!

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