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How to Write a Total Truth Letter – Journal Prompt for Healing

Total Truth Letter – a Journal Prompt for Trauma Healing

"Total Truth Letter" - an Exercise to PERMANENTLY breakthrough trauma

This is one of the most difficult topics to bring up when it comes to healing, especially healing from a traumatic experience.

Have you ever heard the saying, that true healing comes through true forgiveness?

Maybe, you have also heard the saying, I will forgive but I will never forget?

How about this...Lets expand our awareness of what true forgiveness can provide to all who are involved. Healing through energetic journaling. Instead of confronting your abuser in your head, try brining those imaginary arguments out of your mind and onto paper. Free up space in your energy and reclaim your voice.

Please watch this video where I teach you how to write a "Total Truth Letter", this is a journal prompt that you can use when working on healing wounds around forgiveness, trauma healing, and more.

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