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Why the last thing you need is another leader

Follow your own heart

Someone referred to me as a spiritual leader recently.

My ego ate that up, but my truth was so much louder.

In fact, I felt quite uncomfortable with it & it took me a little while to comprehend why…

You see, I feel that’s where people go wrong–placing others above as their leader. Especially we Priestesses. And maybe this is rememberance from lifetimes ago when we sat in Priestess circles, in temples together as equals.

Yes, we had High Priestesses..many of us *were* High Priestesses…but did we embody these roles because we were leaders or somebody’s guru? OR were our sisters our equals?

My heart & womb say it’s the latter.

We, beloved ones, do not need a leader to find our way.

That may be the most profound thing about the Priestess pathway.

We may join in ceremony, we may sign up for courses, we may deeply honor & hold reverence for the space holder who called us together… but in truth we are not doing so to seek another guru. A leader.

The idea of following a leader is what got me off track when I first started my journey as a Divine Feminine woman in business…believing someone else (like a business coach, or marketing strategist) had the answers. That if I just followed them–delegated them as my leader–that they’d lead me to some blissful horizon if I just followed their ways.

But that didn’t work.

Like…at all ? Undoubtedly, I’d crash and burn, later to be bitch-slapped by Kali Ma for forgetting the truth:

  • No one outside self has the answers we seek—it’s all within. All of it.
  • Only answer I need is rooted in love and we don’t need a leader to know that.

Only I can access the love inside me.

Only you can access the love (aka truth) within you.

As Priestess we are all equal.

Please don’t follow me.

Instead, if it’s resonant let’s keep company and walk alongside one another for a while..navigating the journey of life until it’s time to part ways.

You do not need a leader.

You have your heart and far as I’m concerned…that’s the best ‘leader’ there is.


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