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Activate the Magick of your Moon Cycles


What if your mother had taught you how to flow through the rhythms of your menstrual cycles?  

What if you grew up understanding how the moon impacts your body, your mind, and your spirit?

I suspect that most everything in your would would be different.

You'd have never felt awkward and weird in your body as young woman.

You'd have known from childhood how to manifest with ease.

You'd have honored your womb and body like a golden, goddess temple.  

Your periods would have been something to celebrate and even look forward to. 

I grew up treating my periods like a curse. I'd lie in bed hating life, and somedays even hating being born a girl.

Little did I know, my moon cycle wasn't a curse at all.  It was actually a gift that once properly harnessed will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know regarding:

  • Activating into your innate intuitive abilities (hint: they lie within your womb)
  • Using your cycle to create better a business, a better life, and better relationships
  • What it means to bleed with the New Moon, Dark moon, Full Moon or somewhere in between
  • Sacred Womb Ritual and how to ground deeper into Earth Magick + Womb Magick

Journey with me over these next three days to take your relationship with your womb, your moon cycles, and nature to the next level 

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Womb Priestess, Licensed Therapist 


Day 1: Honoring + Activating through the Phases of your Cycle

Did you know that there's 4 phases of your cycle, and that each brings its own unique medicine and magick? Learn how to utilize these phases to amplify your intuition, honor your body, and even use as a business model.

Includes: 1 live video ceremony with sisterhood circle + discussion (Free)

Day 2:  The Magick of the Moon Cycles 

Learn what it means to bleed with the New Moon versus Full Moon or somewhere in between. Identify ways you can flow through these powerful rhythms to amplify your healing. 

Includes: 1 live video ceremony with guided meditation  (Free)

Day 3:  Anchor into Sacred Ritual  

Our ancient foremothers knew the power of ritual, and how important it was to utilize ritual during each of their sacred moon cycles. This work shop teaches you how to create your own rituals to bring forward better alignment in your business, deeper clearing of your patterns, and more abundance than you ever thought possible.

Includes: 1 live video ceremony with sisterhood circle + discussion (Free)

This FREE 3 day experience is  for you if:

  • Your periods are something you dread each month and you'd LOVE to change this pattern
  • You're curious to know how the Moon Phases impact your cycle 
  • You'd love to initiate new magick and ritual 

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