lovinglifeI love the intimacy of holding space with women and their stories in my professional work as a licensed clinical therapist. My specialty in trauma & women's issues literally moves me. 

Yet some of my greatest and most transformative work is as a clairvoyant energy healer & womb priestess.

I love working with spiritual women who've been through hell & back.

Why? Because I've been there too.

People have a hard time believing it, but I served an enlistment in the US Marines (former life 😝).. but while on active duty, the unthinkable happened. 

I was raped by some guys from another unit while I was walking back to my barracks room.  

This act shook me to the core & forever changed my life.

Just imagine waking up one day feeling confident, strong, empowered...and watching it all be brutally stripped away in one swift act of violence...


Life would change forever...

Sadly, the military did not provide me the help I needed and I chose to self-medicate.

Partying, boyfriends, alcohol... all of it to the extreme.  

Don't worry, I got my shit together but found myself suffering in every other aspect of life.  

I suffered in love, accepting men who treated me like an option.

I suffered in work, slaving for employers who undervalued me.

I suffered in life, fighting a constant battle of unworthiness. I was hiding in plain sight. 

Everything was broken.

Have you ever felt that way?  Like you couldn't trust God?  Like you couldn't trust men?  Like you couldn't trust yourself?  

Our trauma's will do that to us... 

But here's the thing: we can lie to ourselves, but we can never lie to our bodies.  And for spiritual women like you and me, we can never lie to our wombs.

Here's what happened next...

I decided I wanted to help others the way I had been helped.  I went to college, started dedicating my life to helping other women.  I got a good job, and even started dating again.

Meanwhile... my womb (and ultimately, connection to myself & my feminine power) had shut down completely.  I could not experience pleasure. Sexually or otherwise. 

The men I'd let inside my precious temple, well... my body began literally rejecting them  

Our wombs & bodies are ALWAYS speaking to us, sister!

And we suffer for it when we don't listen!  In my case it manifested as my body literally rejecting lovers who weren't worthy of my precious energy.  

I'd been abused, misused, mistreated by men AND myself for years... and one ay my yoni said NO MORE.

Thus sparked my initiation into the path of the priestess.. the path into womb wellness.

I learned to heal myself using holistic practices that I now teach women like you.

Here's How I Healed

I took time out for myself and went through trauma therapy to heal the damage from the ones who hurt me.

Then I got lost on the path of yoni egg work (which guides my practice to this day!)

This is around the time my lifelong gifts of clairvoyance and psychic healing began to re-awaken (I hid it away for years with the drinking because it freaked me out but here's a hint: those with these abilities will NEVER be able to get rid of them 😂 )

Instead, I allowed my gifts of psychic intuition to just BE instead of hiding them away to make myself more palatable.

I want you to know whatever story you're living out that is making you feel miserable--you don't have to do that anymore!

Today, I am able to instantly create at such a rapid rate using the power of my womb that it even surprises me sometimes... 

I've called in my dream home, husband, soulmate clients and business all using the power of my womb.  And this is the work I now teach women like you.

You have the power to trasmute your trauma into spiritual gold.

Life is not supposed to be this hard.  It really isn't.  And when you activate your womb, using the technique I've now mastered and teach...everything will change.

Permanently.  Don't believe me?  Let's talk 😘


Wanna learn more about working together?

I have a number of ways to work together, all centered around themes of womb wellness.  So whether you're looking to conceive, are already pregnant, or you're postpartum.  Whether your womb has experienced sexual trauma, a traumatic birth story... girl.. I got you!  Check out the Work With Me page to learn more how we can get started.  Or, if you prefer a quick chat (it's more personal that way) you can use this link below for a no-cost call. 

Fun Facts about Jemese!

  1. I am obsessed with emoji's and meme's and cuss words.  Yes I graduated with a Masters degree, but if you can say with a meme, well, why wouldn't you? 🤷🏽‍♀️
  2. My mosts frequently used emojis: 😂💩😒  because a hilarious, side-eying, shit disturber 😂 #justkidding
  3. I've been plant-based since high school. I stopped for a period when I joined the Marines but my body never agreed so it's been plant-based every since.
  4. Oh yeah.. and about that.  I joined the US Marines straight out of high school.  I wasn't ready to do college, so I went into the military, got the money for school, and came up with the ability to whoop a grown man's ass and pitch a tent with everyday materials.
  5. I'm a Reiki practitioner 🌀 Because all that hardcore Marine life did was help me realize the places where I am the light!
  6. I met my husband on OkCupid and we've been married since 2017. I literally manifested him into my life! Online love is a thing, ya'll.  Don't knock it. You may find your bae there!
  7. He and I got pregnant and I had a miscarriage few years back 😔 I thought that it would kill me.  The grief was unbearable. But I welcomed my rainbow baby two years later and she is everything I ever prayed for.  I love being her mother.
  8. I am low-key a rapper.  But by rapper, I mean I make raps using the AutoRap app on my phone and then send them to my friends. And by send them to my friends I mean my mom is my #1 fan.

The Super Official Press Bio

ya know.. if you're into that sorta thing


Jemese LaChel, MSW LCSW  is a licensed psychotherapist, coach & energy healer for spiritual women who are ready to experience deep transformation of their trauma & emotional roadblocks. She couples her grounding as a trained therapist, with her spiritual gifts as psychic healer to provide women worldwide with deep transformation, soul clarity, and support. Jemese is best known for her work in sexual trauma healing and womb wellness. For more information contact her office at info@jemeselachel.com or visit her online at jemeselachel.com