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Permanently Cut Unwanted Cords of Attachment

How to Overcome Your Blocks When you feel STUCK after cord cutting

This is for YOU if you've been working through trauma healing and feel like you've somehow hit a brick wall in terms of progress.

Have you ever done any work with Cord Cutting? Despite all your efforts does the cutting seem to have only a temporary effect?

Let's face it ladies Cords of Attachment are real, and they get in the way of our healing. A Cord of Attachment is simply the Energetic tie between you and another person. We all desire Cords of Attachment that are healthy, and Energetically balanced between the people involved, but that is not always the case. Cords of Attachment are anchored into your Soul whether or not a person is physically in your life anymore, and the Energy flows both ways. If you are over the experience of removing someone from your Energy over and over then look no further... I'm gonna teach you how to overcome your blocks & permanently clear those cords by using this divine feminine principle.


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