"I offer Jemese massive thanks for doing this program for women, because it is unbelievable and totally worth it! You leave each week not only feeling empowered and enlightened, but you also walk way each call having removed another layer of shit that does absolutely nothing for you! I'm talking things that you didn't even know were an issue until you decide to take the dive in with Jemese to uncover it all!  And don't even get me started on the yoni egg! He's my new BFF!  Jemese does remarkable things, ladies,  you just have to decide that enough is enough and take this journey with her and "dip your toes in won't be sorry"
- Jessica Long, Oracle Reader + Psychic Medium

If you are interested in bringing the power of sacred ritual back into your life - you need to work with Jemese!

Working with Jemese is such a rich experience. She is a gifted and intuitive Healer and Mentor, and brings her special blend of magic and wisdom to re-empower your feminine consciousness. Thank you, for all your support!

-Juliet Redwood, Counselor + Energy Healer

I've been working with Jemese a few weeks now and she is amazing! She helps/forces me to look below the surface to find the root of the problem. Her connection to Spirit and my guides is freaky! I've never worked like this with someone who talks to my guides for guidance. She's pointed out some past life issues and directed me how to meditate on them. She's created personalized meditations to help me get over some of my biggest stumbling blocks. Like I said, it's only been a few weeks but I am SO glad I made the investment tow work with Jemese. It's already paying off in my being calmer, my clear insights, my lessened anxiety, my ability to stay present. Even my husband and children have noticed a shift. I'm excited to see what the net new months bring. Jemese, I am so grateful for you!

- Allison Quadhamer, D.C.

Jemese's work is super powerful. I cannot tell you how much the last round of messages resonated for me and helped me get to a whole new level! Amazing!

-Laura Pennington, Freelance Writer + Entrepreneur

 Oh my goodness, thank you so much Jemese! This couldn't have been more perfect and your insights brought me to tears. Thank you for being the channel for these messages and for all the blessings and clarity ? Sooo much love??? Thank you!"
- Fredi Sholtz, Singer Songwriter + Mystic