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Smokey Quartz YONI EGG Experience

My Powerful Experience with Smokey Quartz

Need help moving through negativity, need psychic protection, need help restoring broken relationships???

Hey Sis! Can you believe I thought I might be DONE with working with yoni eggs? Riiiiight...

We all go through our ups and downs with self-care. One of the healing techniques that has consistently helped me cleanse my body of unwanted energies has been the use of yoni eggs, and just because I forgot for a second doesn't take away from how powerful they are. Actually, this time around I have so much gratitude for this experience. It can be a really big step to relax into this type of healing but it is worth it. Think about holding a crystal in your hand, or up against your heart, imagine that feeling of the crystal drawing away all those stuck energies. Now imagine that feeling intensified and focus deeply within your womb space...clearing out all that stagnant energy that is hold you back from your next great realization.

I recommend this stone to anyone who is seeking a spiritual cleansing.

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