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Stop doing this NOW if you want instant relief from your emotional pain, trauma or suffering

How the truth will help you overcome your money fears

Something has been on my mind  and I’ve been afraid to say it ?

But I can’t hold back any longer. If I’m going to be the leader, the lover, the divine feminine powerhouse that I am (and know you can be too) I have to just say it.


You’re doing such a disservice to yourself when your story, the words you use to describe it, and your actions do not match. There’s a part of me that wants to retract into fear-mode of “Holy shit, I’m going to piss someone off right now” as I type this, but I have to push past that and let you know that your story is a lie. 

I’m sorry. I just don’t buy it.

You know the one where you tell me how messed up your life is, how you’re in a huge amount of pain and suffering, and you so desperately want relief?

You know that story where you’ve been struggling with your trauma or your emotional soul wounds for 5, 10, 15 years and HATE the way it makes you feel?

And how we go deeper uncovering your truth that you KNOW life can be different. You know YOU can be different. You know YOU can have more and you’re so ready for that? To show up life as the calm, confident, priestess of power that you are?

To show up in business as the unstoppable creatix of love, beautify, peace, power?  To show up in love as the divine healer of your world?

That part is all fine and well, but here’s where I start to cringe a little.  It’s the part where the next thing out of your mouth is something like:

? “I’ll be ready in a month from now to dive into a program that’ll help me”

? “I’m not ready yet to hire a coach/mentor/therapist/healer who can assist me in getting out of this”

? “I don’t have the money at the moment.”

? “It costs too much.”

? “I have so much debt.”

And on and the truth will help you overcome your money fears

I’m sorry, sweets, I support you, but I don’t support that and I’m not doing my job as a transformational coach and healer if I buy into that lie you’re teling yourself.

Your soul is unstoppable.

It is literally created out of the materials of stardust–science has proven this.  And you mean to tell me that your limitless soul…is somehow limited?  I don’t buy it.

I see through that. I see the real you. The shining soul deep within and I know you deserve better than that.  You can believe your story, but I refuse.

Because here’s the thing: if your healing or hiring the mentor or taking the action that would absolve you of your suffering was important… If it was literally LIFE & DEATH (which, isn’t it?) wouldn’t you find the money? Wouldn’t you figure it out?

If your child, or mother, or best friend was in severe pain & suffering, and there existed a magical cure that would relieve them of that, and save their fucking life and all it took was you finding the resources..wouldn’t you find them?  Wouldn’t you make it happen?

We’ll go to great lengths to save other people; to save our family, children, mother, brother, sister, friend. But when are you going to offer that same passionate determination to yourself?

Because It’s not really the money fear.

It’s not that the program cost too much, or you have too many bills, or you have to ask your partner, or you’re in a lot of debt.  That’s the story you tell but I don’t buy it.  It’s not any of those things at al..

It’s fear. Fear that you might not be able to confront the hard stuff that’ll come up from diving into a 4-month mentorship.  Fear that you could make a mistake.  Fear that you’ll fuck it up or ruin everything.

& as long as you have that fear, those lies you tell yourself will block you every. single. time.

Don’t get me wrong–I use to say those things too.   I use to look up to certain coaches and healers and be like, “OMG… I want to work her but… her $4500 program is out of reach. It costs to much. I could NEVER.”

And you know what happened?

I never got my breakthrough. Until one day I said enough is e-fucking-nough. I want to get OVER these emotional wounds I’ve been dragging around for years. I want to HEAL more than I want to stay stuck and fearful.

And guess what? I hired the mentor whose program was more money than I could ever possibly have imagined paying for.

I FOUND the fucking money.

Sure, I had to get crative (I took an early withdrawal from my IRA) but I DID IT. I fucking FOUND the money because guess what? I was done struggling and I meant it.

We as women are POWERFUL creatures.

That’s why I just don’t buy your story. I am not judging you. I am not downing you.  Believe me–I know what that feels like too.  I had a shit ton of debt.  Something to the tune of $55K+ in student loans just to start.

But my desire to change became more powerful than my story of “not enough” and I figured it fucking out.

So, if you’re telling yourself the money objections when you get on the phone with that healer, coach, or mentor who has the special kind of magick that’s going to CURE you and HEAL you of what’s hurting the most–I”m sorry, sweets. I don’t buy that.

I see the real you. The one on the inside who has hope for something better & knows anything is possible.

And that’s the part of you I’m talking to right now.

Love yourself enough to take a leap of faith, for once.

Invest in your own self-growth and healing, babygirl.

You don’t have to go on like this. You just don’t.

If you’re ready to get real, start to heal, and tap into your highest potential, let’s talk.

I love you very much.

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