Healing Sexual Trauma with Yoni Eggs

We walk around carrying our past trauma’s in every cell of our bodies. Sexual trauma is especially carried within the womb. As strong and transformative women we sometimes allow the little things to cover up the big things in life. No one wants to be defined by their past experiences; especially if their experiences caused […]

Are you Scared to use Yoni Eggs?

So you’re ready to dive into womb wellness, but you’re afraid to use jade eggs (aka yoni eggs). I get that! There’s often a little bit of apprehension when we come into yoni egg work, but what I want you to know is that working with yoni eggs is actually pretty easy. In this video […]

Smokey Quartz YONI EGG Experience

Hey Sis! Can you believe I thought I might be DONE with working with yoni eggs? Riiiiight… We all go through our ups and downs with self-care. One of the healing techniques that has consistently helped me cleanse my body of unwanted energies has been the use of yoni eggs, and just because I forgot […]

Womb Activation for your Abundant Life & Biz

When we think about healing or abundance, we tend to think of it in terms of finding what needs ‘fixed.’ We tend to get really logically based and action oriented, focused on the task of repairing some great problem; however, in our hurry to ‘fix it’ we often get lost along the way. But what […]

Yoni Egg Care: the basics of cleansing & care

Yoni Eggs are quality tools that if cared for properly, will last you a lifetime.  Yet, a lot of women are wondering…how? This blog will answer the majority of questions you may have about yoni egg care. The very first thing you’ll want to do whenever you receive a new yoni egg is cleanse it, […]

Why Every Female Entrepreneur NEEDS a Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs have been on the scene for literal decades.  I mean, actual centuries. But to so many women of the west, the idea os foreign. Why is that? Another question for another day, perhaps. I’m here to share my secrets to why it is every female entrepreneur needs to be packing a yoni egg […]

Yoni Eggs 101 – a brief history and FAQ for the beginner

When I started my healing journey years ago, I never thought  someday have 100s of women’s e yes on me, asking me for information on yoni eggs–a sacred tool of womb wellness & transformation. I’ve been blissed… To think, at one point I used these tools in secret–to afraid of people judging me as “weird” […]