Womb Healing

Womb Activation for your Abundant Life & Biz

When we think about healing or abundance, we tend to think of it in terms of finding what needs ‘fixed.’

We tend to get really logically based and action oriented, focused on the task of repairing some great problem; however, in our hurry to ‘fix it’ we often get lost along the way.

But what if there was another way?  Perhaps a better way that felt much more supportive? What if you could achieve your version of utopia–your success, wealth, and happiness–from a much more aligned place?

What if you could actually make your manifestations come EASY?

What if you didn’t ever have to push hard or hustle to build and grow your business, EVER again?

I can show you how, and no, not through another round of mindset courses or another freebie opt-in on 5 fast ways to your first $5K.  Nope… that’s not the type of coach and healer I am…

Instead I’m going to be your tour guide on this amazing journey inward.

Deep down into the womb.

I’ve created a 3 day training to assist you, sister.  To give you the reason why that old way wasn’t working for you along with a blueprint for what will.

Dive in with me, beloved, and gain the keys to your Queendom.

What’s Inside

Day One Womb Activation WorkshopDay 1:  Womb Awakening for Anchoring and Healing

What if your mother had taught you that your womb is a portal of healing and support? How would your relationship to your body and the rest of the world be different? Most women have fallen into the pattern of not giving this area much concern; but when you do you gain access to the Queendom of your Inner Transformation.  In today’s training I’m going to help you awaken your womb chakra, talk briefly on how yoni eggs can help, and guide you deeper into your divine feminine nature.

Includes: A 13 minute video & 12 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Day Two Womb Activation WorkshopDay 2:  Womb Wisdom for Insight and Guidance

Your womb has sacred medicine for you, as well as a plethora of messages to bring you on the specific steps you need to take for the highest evolution of your business and your life. Today we’ll cultivate a new relationship with your womb to retrieve the ability to be your own healer, psychic, intuitive, business coach and friend.

Includes: A 12 minute video & 11 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Day Three Womb Activation WorkshopDay 3:  Womb Clearing for Manifestation

Lean back into the love of the Cosmic Mother and release everything heavy you’ve been carrying around within you. Your womb is an energy portal which stores every trauma, wound, or heavy energy you’ve ever experienced. Let’s clear that out so that you can more forward and manifest with greater ease.  It’s time for you to feel supported, be supported, and activate your Power!

Includes: A 15 minute video & 16 minute guided meditation. (Free)

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