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Receive the abundance + support you crave through the nourishing wisdom of the sacred womb

The most natural thing in the world is for a woman to be operating from the wisdom within her womb.

However, if your story is anything like mine then the concept may be completely foreign.

My mother certainly didn't tell me about "womb power," and that's likely because she didn't know.  

And I'm certain her mother didn't tell her either.  

I grew up thinking at best, my womb was a monthly nuisance and nothing more... But here's the thing--there's so much more to the womb than that.  SO much wisdom, insight, spiritual knowledge, and support. 

Throughout history, women have become disconnected from their very essence.

We've been conditioned to believe that our femininity...our womb... is just some random characteristic we possess, rather than the core of who we are and the core of our being and the place of our power.

Awakening into this truth will change everything.

It did for me.

It's what helped me to take my spiritual business from inconsistent $200 per month, to $5,000 and upwards.  

But not from a place of patriarchy and capitalism which says I WIN because of YOU LOSE... or I WIN because I HUSTLED HARDER (Nope. That approach just doesn't jive with the Priestess Path...

No, instead, I did it from a place rooted deep within the core of true empowered feminine wisdom: the womb.  

Which is the sacred container from which we all were incubated within.  Which is the sacred space which houses our power.

Journey with me over these next three days to activate your womb and take your power back. 

xo, Jemese LaChel
Womb Priestess, Licensed Therapist 

Day One Womb Activation Workshop

Day 1: Womb Awakening for Anchoring and Healing

Most women have fallen into the pattern of not giving this area much concern; but when you do you gain access to the Queendom of your Inner Transformation. In today’s training I’m going to help you awaken your womb chakra.

Includes: a 13 minute video & 12 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Day Two Womb Activation Workshop

Day 2:  Womb Wisdom for Insight and Guidance

Access the intuitive wisdom of your womb to retrieve sacred medicine, as well as a plethora of messages on the specific steps you need to take for the highest evolution of your business and your life. 

Includes: A 12 minute video & 11 minute guided meditation. (Free)

Day Three Womb Activation Workshop

Day 3:  Divine Surrender Womb Clearing + Manifestation 

Your womb is an energy portal which stores every trauma, wound, or heavy energy you've ever experienced. Let's clear that out so that you can more forward and manifest with greater ease.  

Includes: A 15 minute video & 16 minute guided meditation. (Free)

This FREE 3 day experience is  for you if:

  • You're a woman who has experienced sexual trauma, molestation, or anything that's made you feel shut down and disconnected
  • You're curious about the priestess way of life, and want to deepen into greater levels of wealth, pleasure, abundance and support within your life and business
  • You're really OVER the hustle approach to running your life & biz, you and want to come into alignment to make life feel easy again
  • You know you're an empath or healer, and want to new self-healing techniques for manifestation and more!
  • You're curious about yoni eggs and want to deepen your work with the womb

Access your FREE Womb Activation for an Abundant Life & Biz training

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