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Yoni Eggs 101 – a brief history and FAQ for the beginner

When I started my healing journey years ago, I never thought  someday have 100s of women’s e

yes on me, asking me for information on yoni eggs–a sacred tool of womb wellness & transformation.

I’ve been blissed…

To think, at one point I used these tools in secret–to afraid of people judging me as “weird” for put them..there.  And now here I am, broadcasting to anyone who’ll listen about the transformational power of these sacred beings.

I say beings because I consider each crystal to have its own consciousness.  Each yoni egg, being of a crystal formation whether it be jade or obsidian or jasper… carries its own unique vibration and therefore its own unique blueprint.  And as you work with them you’ll find they seem to have their own “persnoalyt” as well.

The more you work with them, the more you come to know them.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what they are, how to use them, and as I do consider myself a bit of a yoni egg afficioando, it is my pleasure and my honor to be the gateway to the woman who needs knowledge on these precious jewels.

The following page has information on various topics including benefits, how to, and more.

This is not an all-compressive source of information but is a good start for the woman who wants knowledge.

What is a yoni egg?

The yoni egg, also known as a “jade egg” is a semiprecious gemstone or crystal carved into the shape of an egg.  They’ve been used since ancient times, going as far back historically to ancient China when only the elite were able to access this special tool.   Now, they’re accessible worldwide for women everywhere to unlock ancient codes and sacred healing of the feminine and even masculine within.

What are they used for?

Typically they’re used for either a metaphysical or a physical purpose.

Metaphysical uses may look like spiritual healing.  Perhaps to align the chakras, or set an intention.  I personally have used them for emotional healing of my sexual trauma.  Pretty much any way you might be using your other tumbled or raw stones, you can also use your yoni eggs in the same way (i.e. to create crystal grids, to program gemstone elixirs, etc.)

Physical uses may look like: strengthening of the pelvic floor to prevent bladder incontinence or uterine prolapse. You think kegals work?  Try using a yoni egg while practicing kegals and come back and talk to me ? Yoni eggs will not only help you strengthen your vaginal muscles (leading to better sex).. but they help with SO much more.

Personally, these stones helped me with re-awakening my vagina which had literally gone numb after years of womb trauma.  I just thought I was one of those women who couldn’t have a vaginal orgasm. Using these tools unlocked this for me..along with the ability to have the most rolling, multiple orgasms.

How do I use it?

You may have guessed it by now, but yoni eggs can actually be used by inserting them into the vagina. This was common knowledge and practice at one point in history, but with society having become so sexually repressed it’s no wonder the average person hears this and finds that information a little shocking!  Don’t feel strange if your’e a little scared or resistant to this idea.

Your yoni egg can be used to draw entry out, or to introduce new entries in.  For example, you might chose a black obsidian to draw energy out of the womb; or conversely, a  rose quartz to invite loving energies within.

Do I have to put it…there?

For women not ready (or simply not preferring) to use their stones internally, the good news is you may still forge a strong bond and sacred connection to the stones through external use.  You most certainly do not have to use them internally to reap the benefits. Personally speaking, I’ll often use mine externally by carrying them in my purse, bra, or even sleeping with them under my pillow to forge a connection and gain access to their metaphysical qualities.

Ok, but can it get lost?

This is a great question I get asked frequently, with good reason.  Nobody wants to be the lady who shows up at the Emergency Room with the awkward conversation of…”Um, yeah, I put a rock inside my vagina and… uh… yeah it’s stuck.”  So let me squash those fears–NO YOUR YONI EGG CANNOT GET LOST UP THERE.

Let me go grab my virtual megaphone and reapeat: your yoni egg cannot get lost inside you!

It’s physically impossible.  The cervix is much too small to allow a stone up inside you.

Can it get stuck?

Each stone has it’s own consciousness, vibration, and purpose for working with you.  That said, what you may perceive as a stone being ‘stuck’ is likely the stone just completing it’s work.  Because the one I personally endorse come undrillled, it teaches you the art of surrender and flow.  I know, not always easy lessons to learn especially as a woman (most of us are NOT into the idea of losing control).

Rather than panic, I invite you to use this opportunity to dive inwards and simply ask yourself,  “What am I resisting right now?”

You must remember..you sought out the yoni eggs in the first place because you were looking for something (support, guidance, etc).  It’s important to remember that each yoni egg has it’s own vibration & concionesses and as such has agreed to partner with you.  You must learn to trust that it’s doing t’s work.

When you perceive it as being “stuck” really there’s beautiful medicine here as your stone KNOWS wtf it is doing and is essentially telling you,  “Babe, we’re in this together. You asked me to do my work and this requires me to take as long as it’s going to take. No, you don’t get to know when I’m going out, because I need you to trust me. And as you learn to trust me, you learn to trust yourself.”  It’s a beautiful tool of radical self-trust, you see?

For women who after all of this explanation are sill like, #NOPE,  you may find solace in knowing some do come pre-drilled with a hole so you can insert a string and actually control the removal of your eggs.

How long should I wear it?

Each woman is unique, and honestly, your stone will have more control regarding how long it wants to stay inside you than you may expect.  For example, the first time I wore my obsidian egg, it only stayed in overnight while I was sleeping. Today, I can rock it for days upon days.

If it’s your first time, perhaps wear it over a weekend when you can rest comfortably at home.

The stones can be worn while you’re doing your day-to-day activities; you won’t feel the stone inside you as your pelvic floor strengthens.  So you can wear it as long as feels comfortable for you.

Should I get an undrilled?  Or a drilled Yoni Egg?

This question was answered above.  I personally choose undrilled stones because I find the journey to be more authentic for me.  When I began this journey, I was ready to surrender all of me and as such, had no qualms about inserting undrilled eggs.

That’s not everybody though so you gotta do what feels right for you, ya know?

What if I’m not into the “woo” metaphysical stuff?

The physical benefits of the stones are still powerful regardless if you’re into the metaphysical aspects.  Physically, wearing this stone is said to strengthen the pelvic floor, assist women with uterine fibroids, bladder problems, uterine prolapse, etc.  And doing kegals while wearing your stone will allow you to not only strengthen your muscular tone, but re-sensitize you

Can I wear it during sex?

Yes!  You can and matter of fact, it’s actually been said to make intercourse more pleasurable for both you and your partner. The vagina canal is very flexible. What will happen is the egg will simply move to the side of the penis shaft, providing you both with more pleasure.

Where can I get one?

I’ve been in the yoni egg game for a many years, and personally, I’ve found Organic Bloodline Yoni Eggs to be the best in the industry. This is the *only* company that I personally endorse due to my belief in their product, as well as the messaging and energy behind the product.  Grab your own at YoniEggs.com and use coupon code ‘jemeselachel’ to save yourself 20%.



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