This page contains a virtual library of resources you may peruse to discover more about yoni eggs and how to work with them.


  • Yoni Egg FAQ-A brief history for beginners
  • Yoni Egg Care- The basics for how to care for your new crystal babies
  • Why Every Female Entrepreneur NEEDS a yoni egg
  • Yoni Eggs for Womb Trauma- How to use these stones to support you in your journey of healing
  • Yoni Eggs & the bedroom- The 411 on yoni eggs for sexual pleasure
  • Yoni Eggs for Manifestation- How to create new realities through use of the yoni egg

Click the link below to check out my Yoni Egg 101 playlist on YouTube!

My Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Experience

My Carnelian Yoni Egg Experience

My Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Experience

My Unakite Yoni Egg Experience

My Clear Quartz Yoni Egg Experience