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Why Every Female Entrepreneur NEEDS a Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs have been on the scene for literal decades.  I mean, actual centuries.

But to so many women of the west, the idea os foreign.

Why is that?

Another question for another day, perhaps.

I’m here to share my secrets to why it is every female entrepreneur needs to be packing a yoni egg in her vagina. Or, at the very least in her bra or purse.

Here’s why:

  1. They invite a layer of supportLet’s face it.  Sometimes it’s not easy being an entrepreneur in a world that wasn’t designed for us. People will look at you funny for venturing outside of the matrix to go and get your dreams. As you cultivate your experience, you’ll be bothered less and less with those folks. But in the meantime, it’s a good idea to call in support from energies and person who are on your team.

    Yoni egg recommendation: carnelian

  2. They help you remember what you came here forPeople talk about they “why” often, and for good reason.  It helps you remember what you came here for and why you got into business.  Because some days are going to be more challenging than others. Working with yoni eggs can help you to stabilize your energy and focus, so that when the clouds roll by, or you have those moments of insecurity and doubt within your business, you’ll emerge strong and stand firm.

    Yoni egg recommendation: rose quartz

  3. You’re in the business of making moneyA business that’s not making money is a hobby.  Simple as that. And as much as you love to serve from the place of love and light… well, love and light don’t pay your mortgage, right? So get real. Any business woman knows that her business is healthiest when it’s earning consistent cash on  regular basis. And you, as an entrepreneur, are an extension of your business.  Therefore the energy you show up with impacts the energy your business puts out. Thankfully, there’s tools for that. I recommend working with money stones to help put you in alignment with prosperity consciousness.  Imagine walking tinto the boardroom or bank with your yoni on fleek. $10,000 week? Yes please!

    Yoni Egg recommendation: Green aventurine

  4. You need to be discerningIt takes the ability to make solid decisions to run any successful business. Whether it’s “do I make  a website?” or “do I diversify my investments”–you must have confidence and ability to discern what moves are right for you and your business. For many spiritual entrepreneurs, the dreaming of the service is more fun than the actual grounded foundation upon which the business is built.  Not only that, but soon as you become a businessperson, folks tend to come out the woodworks with opinions on what you should do and how you should do it (or not do it).  It’s the nature of the game when we step forward to create our dream realities. You must stay vigilant and embrace the right to due diligence.  That means becoming confident in your ability to discern right from wrong, truth from falsity as it pertains to your business. You’ll want to be packing some stones in your yoni to help you out with this as the days (and the decisions) go by.

    Yoni egg recommendation: smokey quartz

As always, if you need more support you can reach me at info@jemeselachel.com.  And if you’re looking to buy your own yoni egg based on my recommendations, you can use coupon code “jemeselachel” to save 20% at yonieggs.com.  If you want additional resources, check my library at jemeselachel.com/yoniegg-resources for more info.

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