How to Know God Deeply – Bible Study
How to Know God Deeply – Bible Study

How to Know God Deeply – Bible Study

Daily Bible time has become something I’ve grown to depend on, drinking the Word of God like it’s water. It’s what teaches me how to know God deeply.

Today’s reading is from the Book of Judges

I’m using the Message Remix translation as I read today. It puts it into contemporary language, written out in regular paragraphs like when you read a novel. As a result it makes it so much easier to understand the context of the Word and I use it often as a reference.

But as I read through today, something stopped me in my tracks. It was a verse from the following passage which reads:

After Joshua had dismissed them, the People of Israel went off to claim their allowed territories and take possession of the land. The people worshiped GOD throughout the lifetime of Joshua and the time of the leaders who survived me, leaders who had been in on all of GOD’s great work that he had done for isrial. Then Josua son of Nun, the servant of GOD died… ( Judges 2:6-8)

Then it goes on to say:

Eventually that entire generation died and was buried. Then another generation came up that didn’t know anything of God or the work he had done for Israel. (Judges 2:10 MSG)


This verse stands out like a flashing siren  ?

I’ve read through this entire Book before, but this time I’m over here wondering like…  “How does this whole younger generation not know what God did?! Not know who He is or the miracles He performed?”

I mean, what?!

As a mom of two littles, it’s beyond heartbreaking to think of them growing up and not knowing God. I began to wonder, how does that even happen?

Just imagine your own your own childhood briefly.  I’m sure you remember watching your parents and how they worshipped and lived day-to-day. Whether by their absence or their presence in your life, you learned things from them. They taught you just through your observation of their patterns and daily habits. Right?

So again, I went back to this Word and meditated on it wondering…

How on earth did an entire generation not know God?

Then in an instant the wisdom and understanding came to me from Holy Spirit who explained it all so perfectly:

  • That generation did not have it in their hearts:
    • The love for GOD
    • The personal relationship with Him
    • The reliance on Him for their very breath
    • They didn’t live for Him.
    • It was something their parents did but it did not penetrate into their hearts

And that right there’s how an entire generation falls away from God.

Wondering How to Know God? Proverbs 22:6 has a clue
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Provers 22:6

When you think about it, isn’t that a lot like what we’re living through today?

Turn on the TV and take a peek into pop culture and it is obvious that the love of God has disappeared from the mainstream.

People may say they are Christians or love God, but their actions speak differently.  Their idol worship speaks differently. The WORD reminds us says that you’ll know someone by their fruits, and sad to say, the fruits of mainstream pop culture doesn’t lead me to believe they are following the LORD God and the teachings of Jesus.

It is easy to judge ancient cultures and Old Testament peoples, because to us just reading how they acted towards God back then seems craaaazy.  But truth is people act this way towards God all the time.

? They live their life according to their own whims and desires.

? They do what they want.

? They say what they want.

? They treat people however they want.

Don’t you know someone living like that? Haven’t you been like that too at some point in your life? #ouch

Judges is a hard Book to read. It’s just constant push-and-pull reading stories of how the people fought against God and everything he stood for.

I guess I’m reminded in these couple short verses of the kind of mother I want to be. The type of woman I want to become so that I can avoid these mistakes. I don’t want the generation coming after me to be able to say they do not know Him.  Know what I mean?

I don’t want myself or my children to make the mistakes our ancestors made.  God doesn’t want that either.

So you wanna know how to know God deeply?

You treat God like a real relationship and you make time for Him.  Wake up and soon as your feet hit the ground you pray. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out… it can simply be, “Thanks Lord, Help me today please.”

You get into your Bible and read what it has to say. I’m a busy mama too, girl, so I encourage you to make it easy by downloading a Bible app on your phone, or getting a special devotional.

Make sure that you’re passing down this same love and devotion your children. Help them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who God is.

And when you pray to God, be sure you’re actually listening for His answers.

There’s so much wisdom in His way, girl. He loves you deeply.  Let’s love Him deeply too.

Prayer for when you want to know how to love God deeply

L E T S • P R A Y

Dear Heavenly Father, let me be a mother who trains my children up to know and love you. To rely on you for their very breath so that they would never depart from you or take for granted all you’ve done. Give them a love for You that would consume them deeply, Lord.

I pray that I as your child would always recognize the faithfulness you show your people, not just back in the days of Judges, but in my own life everyday.

You are so faithful and You perform unseen miracles daily, Lord. I acknowledge that and thank you deeply.

Give me a heart to worship you Lord. To know you deeply. Help me move fully into who you’d have me be Lord. And empowerme to guide every child in my life to do the same–to love you, know you, to honor with and build true relationshipto Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ holy name I ask it all with thanksgiving, Amen.

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