Jemese LaChel - LCSW
The Total Truth Letter

The Total Truth Letter

Relief and Renewal: Healing through the Total Truth Letter

Empowering Women. Restoring Hope. Encountering Jesus.

The Total Truth Letter is a remarkable guided journal exercise tailored to aid in emotional healing and the mending of trauma wounds.

This is for the woman who wants to:

  • Escape the grip of trauma
  • Break free from toxic relationship patterns
  • Experience true healing from the pain of sexual trauma.

Download the Total Truth Letter today and embark on your faith-fueled journey of healing and restoration.

Get Un-stuck

Dive deep into your emotions, thoughts, and experiences, unlocking and releasing the pain of past wounds to bring healing and restoration into your life.

Draw Near to God

Nurture your relationship with Jesus through journaling and embracing His loving presence and guidance.

Break Free from Trauma

Find liberation from the grip of trauma as Jesus restores your identity in Himself, empowering you to embrace yourself as a beloved Child of God

Disclaimer: Please note that the Total Truth Letter is a self-help resource and does not replace the guidance of a professional therapist or medical advice. If you're experiencing severe distress or need immediate assistance, please seek professional help or contact emergency services.