I help spiritual women receive more money, love, & success, by permanently healing wounds around sexuality & trauma


My name is Jemese LaChel.

I'm a clinical psychotherapist specializing in trauma, sexual wounding & women's issues.

But my most liberating work occurs from combining this background with my work as spiritual mentor & womb wellness coach.

By incorporating my clinical expertise with my intuitive abilities, I help you bypass unnecessary struggle and take you straight to your transformation.

Can't you just imagine it?

  • You've finally dropped decades of secret shame (releasing deep emotional wounds of rape, abuse, or trauma forever).
  • Your income tripled in just 90 days  (so you have more time to spend with family or maybe even pay for that beach vacation in full 🏖)
  • Your marriage or relationship is pure bliss (because now that you've healed you your inner world, your outer world reflects the devotion & love your goddess self desires & deserves)

These are the real-life results women just like you are getting by partnering with me.

Here's your permission slip. You can stop endlessly searching for more "blocks"; no more picking yourself apart trying to figure out what's wrong with you and why nothing's working.

This work I teach on womb wellness & spiritual living is your missing piece.

Why? Because your relationship with your womb is your relationship with everything else. And when we bring awareness here, you instantly gain access to tools to liberate you from the baggage, traumas, and stories you've been carrying--permanently.

You deserve your life.  Let's go get it.

- Jemese LaChel

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Here's What Other Women Are Saying

If you are interested in bringing the power of sacred ritual back into your life – you need to work with Jemese!

Working with Jemese is such a rich experience. She is a gifted and intuitive Healer and Mentor, and brings her special blend of magic and wisdom to re-empower your feminine consciousness. Thank you, for all your support!

Juliet Redwood, Counselor & Energy Healer

Working with Jemese is such a rich experience.

testimonial“I just got out of a coaching session with Jemese.  She helped me to touch on some very precious things which will help me grow…THANK YOU, JEMESE for the great session!”

Nadja Piette, Life Coach
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

She helped me so much!

“Jemese is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable in mental health practices for everyday life. I felt supported, valued, and truly listened to during our session, and she was able to give me a lot of practical help and suggestions for dealing with long-term issues the have impact my business and my quality of life. She delivered everything she promised in her followup e-mail and was a pleasure to speak with. I highly recommend her!”

– Rose B. Fischer
Author & Digital Creativity Consultant

She delivered EVERYTHING she promised

“Jemese, you are AMAZING. I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful & amazing therapist. Thank you for all you do. You have made me see that there is hope.”

– Jamie P. from Columbia, MO