Healing After Trauma: Book Recommendation for Women Seeking Faith – Another Gospel
Healing After Trauma: Book Recommendation for Women Seeking Faith – Another Gospel

Healing After Trauma: Book Recommendation for Women Seeking Faith – Another Gospel

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Book Recommendation for Women Seeking Healing after Trauma and New Age Influences

I finished a book and immediately knew I had to share with you. “Another Gospel” by Alisa Childers is a must-read for women seeking healing after new age influences or even sexual trauma. I recommend it for those who are especially ready to build strong faith in Jesus Christ.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into why “Another Gospel” could be an invaluable resource for women like you.

Image of the book Another Gospel sitting on a small table. Discover why this is helpful for women who are healing from sexual trauma and building up strong faith

Understanding the Journey

Question: How can this book  help me as a survivor of sexual abuse to navigate the complexities of my faith while dealing with the lasting impact of trauma?

If you have experienced sexual abuse, you understand the immense pain it causes and how it can deeply impact every aspect of your life. Your journey is unique and requires a compassionate and specialized approach. When post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from sexual abuse is left untreated, it can manifest in various ways, affecting your relationships, self-esteem, and faith. “Another Gospel” acknowledges the complexity of women’s lives and provides a safe space for you to explore and gain a better understanding of the challenges you face. It addresses questions like, “Why doesn’t my faith bring me comfort? Why doesn’t prayer seem to improve my situation? Why am I in so much pain if God is good?” Although the book doesn’t solely focus on trauma, its teachings and tools can be valuable as you rebuild your thoughts following the shattering effects of trauma. The foundation for this reconstruction is rooted in the strength of the Lord Jesus. Given that my intended audience comprises women with a history of trauma, I aim to approach this book from the perspective of how it can specifically assist this group.

Unmasking Distorted Teachings

Question: How does the influence of New Age teachings impact women seeking healing and a strong faith?

It’s not uncommon for women who have experienced sexual trauma to seek solace and answers in various spiritual practices, including New Age teachings. However, these teachings often present distorted versions of spirituality and can hinder your journey towards healing and a strong faith in Jesus Christ. “Another Gospel” delves into the core tenets of the Christian faith, exposing contemporary distortions and false teachings. By shedding light on these misconceptions, the book equips you with the tools to discern truth from falsehood and avoid further spiritual harm.

Rebuilding Trust and Identity

Question: How does “Another Gospel” help women rebuild their trust in God and reclaim their true identity?

Sexual trauma can shatter your trust in God and distort your understanding of your identity as His beloved child. In “Another Gospel,” Alisa Childers emphasizes the importance of grounding your faith in the unchanging truth of the Bible. Through biblical insights, personal narratives, and practical guidance, the book guides you on a journey of healing and restoration. It reminds you of God’s character, faithfulness, and love, helping you rebuild trust and reclaim your true identity as a cherished daughter of God.

Navigating Theological Doubts

Question: How does “Another Gospel” address theological doubts and help women strengthen their faith?

Sexual trauma often gives rise to theological doubts and questions about God’s goodness and His role in our suffering. Alisa Childers’ book provides a comprehensive analysis of contemporary distortions and false teachings, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate these doubts. By delving into the biblical message and addressing common objections and misconceptions, “Another Gospel” helps you find solid ground for rebuilding your faith, empowering you to embrace the truth and grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Women from various backgrounds coming together in prayer and support within a faith-based Christian community

Embracing Community and Support

Question: How does “Another Gospel” foster a sense of community for women seeking healing and freedom?

Healing from sexual trauma requires support and understanding from others who have walked a similar path. “Another Gospel” creates a sense of community by acknowledging the unique challenges women face and amplifying the voices of those who have overcome struggles. The book encourages women to share their stories, connect with one another, and find solace in a supportive community. As you read “Another Gospel,” you’ll realize you’re not alone on this journey, and together, you can find healing, freedom, and a renewed faith.

Practical Tools for Growth

Question: What practical tools and resources does “Another Gospel” offer for personal growth?

“Another Gospel” is not just a theoretical exploration; it provides practical tools and resources to support your personal growth. Alisa Childers offers guidance on studying the Bible, understanding core doctrines, and cultivating a vibrant relationship with God. These resources will empower you to continue growing in your faith, even after you’ve finished reading the book. Whether it’s through journaling prompts, reflection exercises, or recommended reading lists, “Another Gospel” equips you with the necessary tools to pursue spiritual growth and maturity.

Women reading the Bible together and learning how the Word can be useful for healing from sexual trauma


If you’re a woman seeking healing from sexual trauma and desiring a strong faith in Jesus Christ, “Another Gospel” is a book you don’t want to miss. Alisa Childers’ insights, personal narratives, and practical guidance provide invaluable support on your journey toward freedom and restoration. Embrace the truth, rebuild trust, and reclaim your identity as you dive into this transformative resource.

Author Bio:

Jemese LaChel is a Christian Trauma Therapist specializing in faith-based therapy for women who have experienced sexual abuse. With a passion for helping women find healing and freedom, Jemese integrates psychological principles with biblical truth to guide individuals on their path to restoration. To learn more about working with her visit jemeselachel.com/work-with-me

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