How to use Superbills for therapy expense reimbursement
How to use Superbills for therapy expense reimbursement

How to use Superbills for therapy expense reimbursement

Explroing the Superbill: How to use Superbills for therapy expense reimbursement

Hey there, fabulous! You are obviously wondering how to use Superbills for therapy expense reimbursement, right? Well, let’s dive into the world of Superbills – your secret weapon for getting those therapy expenses reimbursed.

In this blog post, I’ll help you navigate this process in a way that’s easy to understand.

What’s a Superbill?

Think of a Superbill as the receipt for your therapy session. It’s a document your therapist gives you after each session, and it’s got all the important details like session dates, what services you received, diagnosis codes, and how much it costs. Here in my practice, Grace Abides Christian Counseling, I’ll provide one at the end of each month per client request. You’ll receive it as a PDF and it’s basically like a little passport that your therapy session takes on its journey to getting reimbursed.

Why Bother with a Superbill?

As of the time of writing this blog, please note that Grace Abides Christian Counseling operates exclusively on a self-pay basis. This means that insurance is not accepted in this practice, and clients settle their payments through cash or credit. Financial stewardship is highly valued here, and as such we want to make it easy for clients to to get any type of reimbursement if possible.

Your superbill is one way to navigate this. I cannot guarantee outcomes as they depend on individual insurance policies, but your Superbill might enable reimbursement for out-of-network provider services.

When dealing with insurance or flexible spending accounts, possessing a Superbill is basically your key to unlock potential reimbursement. Again, reimbursement depends completely on your insurance company. I don’t have anything to do with how much they reimburse or if they reimburse at all, but one things for sure: you won’t get anything back at all if you don’t try.

Here’s  How to use Superbills for therapy expense reimbursement:

  1. Talk to Your Therapist: Start by having a chat with your therapist about using a Superbill for reimbursement. They’ll guide you through the process and make sure everything’s set up right.
  2. Get Your Superbill: Your therapist will give you the Superbill. It has all the essential info, including CPT codes (basically service codes) and the diagnosis code.
  3. Submit it: Now comes the exciting part! Send your Superbill to your insurance company or flex spending account. Think of it as sending your Superbill on a money-retrieval mission. Just follow their instructions – easy peasy!
  4. Keep a Copy: While your Superbill is off doing its thing, be sure keep a copy for yourself. It’s always good to have your own record of what you’ve submitted.

Below is an example of the Superbill you might receive as a client with me at Grace Abides Christian Counseling:

Tips for Smooth Sailing:

  • Double-Check Everything: Make sure the Superbill has all the right dates, services, and codes. The more accurate, the smoother the process.
  • Be Patient: Reimbursement can take a bit of time, so don’t stress if it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep track of what you’ve submitted, just in case.


So, there you have it! Superbills are like your personal key to getting your therapy sessions reimbursed. Now you’re armed with some Superbill knowledge to make that reimbursement process a breeze. Your wallet will thank you, and you can keep your focus on what matters most – taking care of yourself! Remember, your therapist is there to help you with the Superbill process, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

*Note: While I’m here to support you with Superbills, remember that I can’t guarantee reimbursement. Each insurance and flex spending account has its own rules. I’ll give you all required information on my end, but the final decision is up to them. My goal is to empower you with knowledge and make your therapy journey smoother. While I can’t promise reimbursement, many clients have found it to be a great way to ease their expenses.*

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Jemese LaChel is a licensed clinical social worker, Christian Trauma Therapist, and Faith Mentor for women. With a passion for helping women overcome trauma through faith-based counseling, Jemese applies a Holy Spirit-led approach to empower women in regaining their lives. Connect with Jemese on Instagram or visit to jumpstart your journey of healing.

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