Building Our Lives on the Rock: Jesus as Our Firm Foundation
Building Our Lives on the Rock: Jesus as Our Firm Foundation

Building Our Lives on the Rock: Jesus as Our Firm Foundation

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last email to you, but not for a lack of something to share. God has been busy working in me (and you too, no doubt), and this week He’s impressed one simple question: How’s your foundation?

The question is popping up everywhere, from client sessions to personal life. Sometimes, we can get so familiar with the things of God that it kind of becomes this Christianese lingo—expressions we nod along to like, “Yep, I have a firm foundation; my house is built on the ROCK!”

We even sing about it, like the beautiful song “Firm Foundation” by Cody Carnes.

But, when we’re behind closed doors, what’s really going on?

‘Cause Jesus sees the heart ????

A Heart Condition

In 2021, the Lord spoke to me saying that one day I would minister in Spirit and Truth to women with a heart condition. I didn’t fully understand the message then, but I do now!

You see, it’s not always a physical issue with your heart. Sometimes, it’s the emotional aspect that needs healing.

Like when you smile at your family or coworkers, but nobody around you sees your hidden pain. You might feel stuck or like nobody cares, but I assure you—God cares deeply!

It’s why I’m devoted to this work.

Faulty Foundations: The Heart of the Matter

Scripture speaks to us about how the church of Ephesus became “loveless” (Revelation 2:1-4).

I also think about how Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians encouraging them to eliminate bitterness, wrath, backbiting, clamor, and upheaval (Ephesians 4:31) (all things that are terribly damaging to our love walk).

These are all areas where the Lord is willing to exchange your turmoil for peace; lovelessness for love; faulty foundation for His strength.

So again, I ask: How’s your foundation? What’s your house built on?

I’m not looking for the cute answer you post on social media; I’m asking you for real.

In recent conversations with a few remarkable women, I’ve heard some brave shares like:

???? I feel I know God loves me in my head, but it’s not something that’s rooted down inside my heart. Because of that, my faith isn’t really making an impact on my life.

???? I would rather seek comfort in human companionship because it feels more tangible to me than turning to God.

???? I know it’s wrong but I would rather hold on to this maladaptive way of relating to my loved one, than turn it over to Jesus because even though it’s toxic it’s really all I know.

These candid confessions serve as a powerful reminder that our spiritual journey often involves wrestling with doubts and insecurities.

But remember this, my friend: Jesus already knows. He’s not looking for polished responses; He desires your complete, unfiltered heart, flaws and all.

When you dare to be vulnerable with Jesus, something profound happens. It’s not just a transactional exchange, but a deepening of relationship, and it has the potential to change your entire life.

So, let this be your gentle nudge: Before you pursue anything else in this world, prioritize the restoration of your foundation. You can do this by nurturing your relationship with Him, allowing Him to reveal the weak spots, and leaning on His strength.

I’m rooting for you always.

Action Step:

Your simple action step for this week:

Take One Bold Step: Identify one area in your life where you feel your foundation is faulty. Write it down. Pray about it. Seek God and make a commitment to take one bold step towards allowing Him to work in that area.

Author Bio:

Hi, I’m Jemese LaChel, a Christian Trauma Therapist and Faith Mentor, helping women find healing and strength in Jesus. If you’re seeking a deeper connection with God and want to build your life on the firm foundation of Christ, visit my website at Grace Abides Christian Counseling. Let’s journey together towards a stronger, more purposeful faith.

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